Bangari Roll-out: Email Notification Test

Glorious Sunday Team!

I’m doing this post as a test. I changed the settings so that the team should receive email updates of new pages and posts made here at the Gallery. We are beginning to roll this out. We plan to be up and running full steam, with sponsors and clients and some good affiliate deals, in a month. I already have some good leads, and I lined up our first “cash deal” for Vermont Pet Services…for $200.00 Whoop-dee-ding-dong, I know, but hey -At least we have some revenue for October to test the payment and accounting systems! It’s the first sale of spun out content we have made. If it performs well, then they will be back for a lot more. I’m working on the math behind selling spun out articles, to establish pricing. This client (which is partly me, because VT Pet Services is half-owned by me.) wants $200 worth of these articles, at  whatever I decide to price them.

I’m working on the Robot Page as well I hope to post it tomorrow night. These robots, like Cloud computing, are key to our work here at Bangari. We need to master these tools.  Not just because they are the machines we use to build our product. Because as we master these two areas of IT (Information Technology) we will be able to lead the way in teaching others this stuff, which right now is at it’s virtual staring point, I’d say, where Microsoft and hard drive computing, was with DOS 3.0.

How do I see content producers like ourselves, who are using cutting edge technology to not only produce quality, unique content, but are posting it to the cloud, for sale and free-FYI…as it collects revenue, waiting to be sold? I think we are the future developers and contributors to all sorts of useful, valuable stuff in our own niche of IT. I can’t wait to see the kind of things that are going to come out of our collective efforts!

To our mutual success,

Kevin Leland

P.S. Here is the affiliate link to the robot: The Best Spinner … Make sure you see “kdelik” in the link address. If you write about the spinner, which I know you will be a lot, make sure you link the words to that address.





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