The Posting has Begun!

ORG: Kevin Leland
Posted at BCG by Kevin Leland 10/24/11Happy Monday Team!

I guess we are in our “pre-roll out” phase. This means: The posting has begun! It’s important to keep it rolling now that we have started, ah, “pre-rolling.” that means: It’s important to post everyday to Bangari Content Gallery. The more the merrier, but none…is a bad thing. Keeping the blog, {Bangari Content Studio Blog} going is important too. Because it links to BCG, and has all the same keywords and content, the search bots will treat it as almost one in the same as our WordPress domain. I sound like a broken record, I know, but I’m just sayin’: We gotta keep as much of our dialog as we can, out of email, and on the blog. The blog can be a little “messy” like message boards tend to get, that’s okay. It’s the BCG site that we have to keep neat and clean.

Easier said than done! I’ve been doing the posting. Aaahrrghhh! It is taking me over an hour to spin out and post. Granted, there are a lot of steps to it, but…Wow! I need help with this, and I especially need someone else to do a “time study” on this, to see if I’m just a total slow-poke. Help me Martha! Help, help me Martha… 🙂 this posting stuff is no walk on the beach!

Petal and Natasha are hard at work at the Ketubah and Pet Services projects, respectively. I see Martha has been chipping in with the spinning. I’ve been doing some spinning as well, but the posting is the big time drain for me.

I’m completing an article about how to post on Bangari. I’ll put it here when it’s complete.


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