Let’s Learn Photo Gallery


View from the Window at Le Gras, the first suc...

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This is the WordPress feature that allows us to have a “Photo Index” to our content. This will be a great platform to use to begin to replace photos we pick up online, with original photos from contributors to Bangari. Remember, Bangari is not only for writers. We are looking for content producers from all different media…photographers, videographers, graphic artists, musicians, ect.

I don’t think it matters if we keep our photos on a site like photobucket.com, or just upload them to our WordPress site, or a little of both. For now I’d like to have all of us (myself included) study this WordPress Gallery, and see if we can learn how to make a ‘photo index’ to our articles in the site. Petal reminded me that we need a search box to allow potential content purchasers to search for what we have by key word or topic.

It would be nice to have a page, made up of a photo gallery of twelve pictures, linked to articles on that topic. I want to make it a mutual goal to get a picture that corresponds to each article posted on Bangari Content Gallery. Original pictures are preferred, however without violating copy rights, photos can be found and used legally. Sometimes it is required (and just plain polite) to include a link back to the source of the photo. See why we want out own original photos? Because if we allow people to take them and use them in exchange for a link back to our site, then it is well worth it for ourselves and the other party. Backlinks are valuable!


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