Thanks Jon Ledger: Developer of “The Best Spinner”

Dear Jonathan Ledger

We are building a business around a superb tool you developed: The Best Spinner…We affectionately call it the TBS Robot, or more informally, just – ‘the robot.’

Those of us at Bangari would like to post some original content, by you, on our site. We intend to recruit a team of bulk content producers from our many friends and followers at, Ezine, and some of the other “content farms.”

Because our business is built around the Panda / Farmer change, that demands original content, your content spinning technology is our primary tool – We plan to sell your ‘robots’ as well as use them to produce unique content spun from the many articles on many different topics that we have contributed to various, now defunct, content farms and black hat SEOers. Thanks Google!

Before we became an affiliate, our team bought several ‘The Best Spinner’ (robots) a few months ago, and even though we were all completely new to the concepts of flat spinning, nested spinning, etc…we caught on quick, and used this technology that you developed to deliver over $4,500 worth of content to an SEO Services Client. We are psyched about being an affiliate, and we are proud to say that last month we sold our first “The Best Spinner” subscription, and earned (and were promptly paid) our commission. Thanks Jon!

We are looking forward to working with you and trying out some of your other products, as we continue to use this piece of programming genius to produce much more unique, high-quality text content for many more clients as well as for our own accounts and Web properties.

To our mutual success,

Kevin Leland
Founding Member of Bangari Content Gallery


6 responses to “Thanks Jon Ledger: Developer of “The Best Spinner”

  1. Hi friend! Interesting write-up and high quality information. There are no doubt that beneficial, original content based on comprehension in addition to information of the subject is just what everybody is trying to find yet, over the internet, is often the most challenging thing to uncover. With thanks for your very own contribution and perspective.

    • Thanks Alec. Of course multimedia is a big deal. Infographs to photographs are needed to build onto the foundation of the text. Move it from content farms, add multi media, and sell it as source content to Websites that need it…Or use it to generate business and ad revenue for your own endeavor on your own Web property.

  2. Glad to serve the common good! I don’t think anyone at Google is trying to force people to ‘work for free’ and everything from creating quality content, to posting and linking it, to evaluating it on sites like Stumble and Reddit…is work. I think the folks who created search engines are working hard to train their robots to weed out the garbage, the spam, and the scammers that post it -and as time goes on, those bots get better and better at that. There is no shame in wanting to make money. It’s just that we have to be responsible about that as well. Even the search bots are starting to tell the difference between a multi-level-marketing scheme and a legitimate ‘pitch’ for a {useful|helpful} product or service.

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