PLR: Another Death Blow to Content Farms

PLR: Another Death to Content Farms Manifesto
By Kevin Leland

If you read the article I wrote about the Panda change, and the demise of content farms…along with their slippery owners, e.g.; Mike Quoc and Chris Knight, then you know I’m searching for a better way of life for us talented, hard working Internet content producers. The starving artist role is getting really played after three and a half years, for me anyway. I don’t know about you.

The Panda Farmer Change: The Death of Content Farms Like and

I developed a payment system called “Bangari Bucks” that I am very proud of. Yes, it’s confusing, I know. Sorry. But it has to take into consideration all sorts of nuances of the digital intellectual property business, that are nothing like what people are used to in the brick and mortar world. I’ve written several posts, doing the best I could to explain. By now I was hoping some one would have said “That’s brilliant Kevin!” -and gave me a hug and a pat on the bum. No such luck 😦

For some reason it’s much easier for me to explain how we are all getting screwed in this business by many different unfair payment systems, than it is to explain the fair payment system that I invented. But all that hardly matters, because when Bangari starts bangin’ -everyone will see first hand how well it works, especially the first contributors.

I’ve done my homework, and I’m learning that this entire bulk written content industry is all boiling down to one thing: Private Label Rights.

The simple definition of PLR content is this:

You sell keyword rich content, by the word (.03-.05/word USD) and then the client can do whatever the hell they want with it. Usually, they run it through spinning robots and data merge applications to get many “unique” versions, and associated blurbs out of your content. Sometimes this content is ordered already formatted (flat spun) to pass through The Best Spinner, saving the client some steps.

Learn how to do this hand and automated spinning if you are an Internet writer who expects to continue to sell your wares. Why? Because who is going to pay for something that they can get for free? Search a content farm. Anything posted there has Private Label Rights. Meaning:

1) Search Factoidz (or any other content farm)  for “Ketubah Art”

2) Find a 700 word article.

3) Hand spin lists, phrases and sentences, then run it through spinning software, preferably The Best Spinner (I’m not saying it’s the best because we sell these robots, we sell The Best Spinner, because we know -it’s the best spinner!) and add synonyms, making it a “nested spun” document capable of spitting out hundreds of unique 700 word articles.

4) Edit / spin to get it to >60% uniqueness

5) Hit a button, and it spits out a spun version.

6) Proof and edit -plug in your own specialized keywords.

7) Post as your own, unique, unplagiarized content, however, wherever you want.

See? Bangari could use some resource content on the topic of ‘writing.’ I’m not going to produce original articles on the topic. I’m just going to exercise my Private Label Rights on all the ones Martin Rojas wrote. That guy pisses me off. I admit, I used to be Factoidz’ biggest shill, but that was when I was ignorant of the fact that Mike Quoc is a matchstick man. Get a clue Martin! I’ve been trying to tell you that you are getting ripped off, but you block my comments, and turn a deaf ear. Open your eyes, man!

It’s not a “bad thing” to continue to post stuff at Factoidz and EZA -There are many benefits (I’ll get into later) but I don’t think anyone should give them what’s know as “source content.” Keep that. Give them “resource content.” It pays the same. (almost nothing) but there is an added bonus I’ll explain later, in another post.

The content we bother to write here at Bangari is “niche” content. like Celibacy, and Judaica… Topics like ‘writing,’ ( if I didn’t want to bother to spin Martin’s just to rattle his cage) -I could just get all the spun out versions I want straight from the Article Database that Jon Ledger gives his TBS robot subscribers for FREE.

So once all the niche topics begin to get saturated with original content, there is going to be little valuable original-original content writing gigs left. Don’t be a one-trick-pony! If original bulk writing is all you do, and you suck at posting and linking, and your clueless about “flat spun format” then educate yourself. Flat spinning format is easy, and even fun to do. Start with that. For those of us here at Bangari who have that stuff down pat, we need to master posting, linking, and monetizing -and get busy doing it now! We have a good pile of content to work with thanks to everyone who has started to transplant their content farm articles here at Bangari, as part of “Project Exodus.” Now let’s post-link-monetize, and re-start a cash flow. For me it’s not about the money. I want the vindication. I want to prove that my utterly confusing Bangari Bucks payment system works in practice as in theory…And then folks will be lining up to pat my bum 😉


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