Slow Paying – No Paying clients: How the Freelancers Union Deals

By Kevin Leland

Freelancers Union Member Badge

The Freelance Life: The Price of Freelancing
When Anne, a film editor, was hired by an award-winning filmmaker, she thought her career was on an upward trajectory. She spent weeks working 10-hour days . . . but she never got paid. The injustice spurred Anne to lobby for the Freelancer Payment Protection Act and make other independent workers aware of client nonpayment. Read her story in The Freelance Life and share your ownCheck out this story. I’ve been involved in the freelancers union for a while. It’s a good organization. Freelancers need to have a “union mentality” I preach that all the time at Bangari. As we found out on the job for Increase Visibility, it can be tough to get paid. When I was a contractor, for construction work, I’ve had a lot of these kinds of problems. We call it “renegotiating” after the job is done. It is almost always against best practice to stop work when payment is delayed. Finishing the job always gives more leverage to get paid in full.

Read Annes story above, and while on the freelancer site, get a member badge to put on your sites. Include one of your own “got screwed” stories (everybody has one) Mention names if you want. The court of public opinion doesn’t require $200 per hour lawyers, right?

Try to find a way to include a hyperlink from the forum on Freelancer to Bangari, or to your own domain. I want to see what opportunities gives to it’s members for backlinks to their Websites. It’s a high ranking site, so it would be good to have a reciprocal link from them. I’m going to try a “read the rest of the story at the source” link. Let me know your experience with this when you get to it. Drop a comment on this post.



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