This was a lame attempt to try to get Bing to crawl or index of whatever those robots do, that would get them to know Bangari exists…We are showing over 250 pages indexed by Google, but our stuff doesn’t come up in Yahoo or Bing searches. Except for Natsha Polak’s  article, “How to Love your Neighbor as Yourself.”

Anyone offering a tip? Please? 🙂 -Kevin


3 responses to “BingSiteAuth.xml

  1. No clue, Kevin! Have you asked Mike about it? All I can say is, Google must like me! 🙂 LOL More like thinking, “oh, HER again??” *sigh* haha.

  2. Have you signed up for the Bing/Yahoo webmaster tools? Become a member, pop your site in it and it will give you statistics and page crawl errors if any. Based on those tips, you can get to fixing those issues.
    Hope that helps.

  3. LOL- Right Natasha –But robots are kinda spazzed, so they like to hear the same thing over and over!

    I was hoping you would come to our rescue Michael! Thanks. I’ll give that a try, and let you know how it worked. I wanted to offer you a profile page here at Bangari too. Would you like to get me a bio, a pic, and description of your Website design services? We can put a link to your site, and a link to those samples of sites you made. I checked them out, good work!

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