Squidoo and Amazon Affiliate

By Sara Valor

Squidoo is a cool place to publish your creative writing work no matter your niche. You can have many niches at Squidoo if you like. You can have multiple users’ profiles if you like. You can write about just about anything you can think of, within reason I am sure. Moreover, your work is Always Your Work. This site is reputable and it will not try to take your copyrights away from you.

There is a rating system in place that includes choices of G, R and maybe even X. You get to choose here and you have a multitude of choices. There is something for everyone here and I only wish I could write about so much more. You can write about any topic you can conceive. For instance, Squidoo sections topics off and is growing all the time. There is Rocket Moms, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving magazines, food and so much more. Squidoo does not leave the guys out either there is plenty of room for everyone. You do have to mind your manners and be friendly and kind with others but, we all know that already don‘t we.

Right now, Christmas gift guides and gift ideas are very popular so… Squidoo made a lens theme that you can use that hardly takes any time at all to make. I have used these two different lens themes and have created more than 60 gift ideas and gift guide lenses in just the past two days. I like them. They work great and I can hardly wait to make more since, we all know the more we make the more we earn.

You will need to read the Squidoo TOS or terms of service and other relative informational links of information about joining and even learning how to use Squidoo. However, once you get started, you will get the hang of it. There are tons of informational lenses on Squidoo that can teach you how to use each module you include in your lens.

Think of a lens as an article or page that you can create about anything. Modules are simply little pieces of the puzzle of building a Squidoo lens. Think of them like different sections of a newspaper. Each module will allow you to do different things and add that content or ad into the lens. You can keep adding modules and information to update that particular lens.

You can use different types of affiliate links such as Amazon, eBay, Zazzle, Esty, AllPosters, ClickBank, Commission Junction, Share-a-Sale, Google AdSense and so much more. If you are an online affiliate marketer, a website or blog owner or an online freelance writer, you really owe it too yourself and the income you can make by learning more about Squidoo and joining.

Check out the site and Google Seth Godin He is the founder of Squidoo. After checking it out consider joining the ranks of Squidoo lens masters that are making money online all the time and, we are doing it easier and faster than we have ever done it before.

© Sara Valor

Click this Squidoo Logo, and be my affiliate!


5 responses to “Squidoo and Amazon Affiliate

  1. Thanks Sara! I’m still looking into this — I read the fine print, this is what it said:

    * Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

    That’s funny! They are referring to my favorite story -King Arthur.

  2. Great article! I found it through a pingback to my blog post (“Do You Squidoo?”) and just wanted to quickly point out that Seth’s last name is “Godin,” not “Goodman.” Good luck squidooing 🙂

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    • Thanks Rich! I’ll leave it if you don’t mind. I expected this post to get a little spammy, but this comment, and the one above it seems legit. The worse part about spammers, is they give legit sales and networking a bad name! I’ll check out your offer, thanks!

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