Who is Angela Booth?

I’ve been on this woman’s email list for a couple years, or more? I confess: I have not sent her a single dollar. I’ve mooched more “free information” off her than I deserve, and darn it, I feel guilty about it. So if you are a cheap-skate, like me, and you want to learn the no-bs ins and outs of freelance content production -then I highly recommend you sign yourself onto her email list.

Angela’s advice is always very current. She offers courses that drill down into the the topics she covers, from blogging to ebooks. I don’t know much about the products and services she offers for sale. It would be great to hear from some of you former students out there. (see how I’m angling to get some more free education? Shame on me!)

Really, it’s more about the time than the money. I do have plans to cough up some tuition money, and set aside some time, and really attend to what Angela Booth is teaching, and learn how to do this stuff more efficiently and more professionally.

Until then, I’ll share what tips she is handing out for free, like the one below about “fresh content” — good stuff! The Google Panda Change I’m always talking about means that — freshness creates writing jobs! Just the blurbs she uses to assure people she won’t violate their trust when holding their email will make you say “That’s exactly how I gotta do that!” In all this time, she never has in the slightest, abused my inbox –which has also inadvertently taught me how to manage an email list.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find an Angela Booth student to pass on some of what they learned from her right here at Bangari?

The best part about what you can glean from what she writes about in her ezine, is true value of our work.

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Angela Booth Freelance Writing Ezine

Fab Freelance Writing Ezine

Date: December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas Treasure Bundle To Give You a Wonderful 2012…



Hi Fellow Writer

Here we are in the final days of 2011. Let’s get you ready to hit
the ground running in 2012, with a new series on the blog, “Top
Opportunities for Writers in 2012.”

To kick off, I’ve just posted:

“Freshness Means Writing Jobs” at


Make the most of this. The key is to sign your clients up to an
updating service — get as many clients to subscribe to your
updates as you can, for a very busy and fun 2012.

By the way, due to a general weeping and wailing and gnashing of
teeth, I’ve extended the prelaunch of The Piggyback process for you:


Have a wonderful weekend.

With much affection,


Here is an email I got from Angela, that makes a lot of sense…Stop sweating your competition!

Hi Fellow Writer

Writers tend to get bent out of shape about their competitors. This
is silly. In reality, you have NO competition. (Read our article to
learn why.)

Your competitors benefit you hugely, you can’t do without them. For
one thing, they grow the market for your words.

My family’s background is in farming. I love animals and farming,
almost as much as I love writing. So understanding markets comes as
second nature to me. Size matters. It’s impossible to survive on
your own, in farming as in writing.

For example, consider the huge new market that Amazon’s creating
with its Kindle. That market is in its infancy. As more writers
make more money (Joe Konrath made $100,000 from Amazon alone in
just three weeks), more writers jump on board.

Download your PDF now to read more:



3 responses to “Who is Angela Booth?

  1. So, I took a copywriting course from her, but no different than what I would get from buying a book. Very little feedback. And the only things I see that she has “written” is on how to write. Never seen a client list. However, her advice is very good. But it is no different than what I would tell someone. I do not believe that I would make 6 figures just by following her advice.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I can understand why she wouldn’t publish a client list. But that is changing now with “Google Authorship.” Could be the death of ghost-written bulk content. How much did the course cost you?

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