Chemical Weapons: A great gift for the women in your life

By Kevin Leland

For Self Defence

We’re not talking a WMD here. This post is about a self defense weapon that you don’t want to bewithout. I’m would be guilty of being sexist by insinuating that men have no need for this simple, inexpensive, extremely safe and very effective gadget — commonly known as pepper spray.

For about $15.00 you can have one hanging on your key chain. This is because when it was first invented, the active ingredient actually came from the oil of hot pepper. A different chemical is in ’em now, one that I’m about to tell you about. In the brand I carry and have given to the women in my life…there is an extra ingredient. A secret ingredient, that is very useful for the “follow-up” after an attack that requires the use of this chemical weapon.

This other ingredient is: invisible dye. It penetrates the skin cells and will remain on the face, undetected by the attacker for up to two days. When the police find the offender, who will more than likely deny the offense, they can shine an ultra violet light on his face that will light up the evidence of his guilt making it glow iridescent green. Pretty cool, huh? In the brand I like, FREEZE +P — The chemicals that cause the pain and discomfort  are called…are you ready?

Orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile and Oleoresin Capsicum

Let’s just say (CS) and (OC) for short. A major advantage of this CS / OC combination over hot pepper extract, is that it works on dogs as well as humans. The old type pepper spray doesn’t always affect canines. CS and OC are chemicals that cause the eye ducts and other mucus membranes to flow freely as they burn severely. They also restrict breathing, causing coughing and choking. The canister is charged with a propellant unlike CO2 that is in a constant state of boiling, assuring that the weapon will perform consistently down to the very last shot. The device should be “test fired” occasionally, and especially at the time of purchase. Also be sure to check the expiration date. The nozzle is designed to administer the chemicals in a stream rather than a mist or fog. This prevents a breeze from turning the blast against the user or inadvertently affecting bystanders.

I’m not embarrassed to say that I carry some of this stuff. Of course a guy likes to imagine himself in close combat, taking on two masked men with switchblades, armed with nothing but bare knuckles a bad-ass attitude and steel-toed boots, leaving them unconscious in a pool of blood with the only chemicals coming to his aid: Testosterone and adrenaline. This proves that testosterone causes hallucinations and delusions of grandeur…Which we all know already. This weapon is great for evening the odds…in real life –not just between the ears of some tough-guy.

I titled this post, not just for good SEO purposes, but in a way that would encourage a man to buy this non-lethal weapon of self-defence for his wife, mother, daughter…and I hope that you will. But pick one up for yourself too. I’m not trying to spoil anyone’s fun. If you have a justifiable need to use this chemical weapon to ward off an assault, then you are well within your rights to add injury to injury and beat the attackers bloody while they are choking and gasping and tearing and in general; just hatin’ life.

On that note, I want to warn readers that it is a criminal offense to use this weapon in any other situation than self defense. You will be charged with assault and battery or assault with a dangerous weapon if you decide to unleash it on some guy for forgetting your anniversary. This stuff isn’t like itching powder or some other type thing to be used as a practical joke. If you can get someone to voluntarily take a shot of this in the face, be sure to have them sign a release. Better yet, just document their permission on video and keep the camera rolling throughout their misery. Contact me, and I’ll post your video here.

Another word of caution: It may be illegal in your state to carry a chemical weapon. I live in Vermont. I can, and do, carry a loaded handgun, concealed, anywhere except in a school or a courthouse. That’s one reason why I live in Vermont. There are no restrictions on pepper spray type weapons either. Not all states treat their citizens with this level of trust and respect. In fact, I think only Alaska has laws regarding concealed weapons that are as liberal as in Vermont. Here is a good site to investigate your right to defend yourself in the particular state you live. It also includes laws regarding transport and crossing state lines with certain weapons. It’s called:

Final word of caution: Do not use any oils or salves to treat contact with this chemical. Wash thoroughly and expose affected area to air. And of course, keep it out of the hands of children. It can not be bought or possessed by anyone under 18 years old.

Training in self defense is as important and useful as training in first aid. The law regarding defending yourself usually directly applies to defending others as well. If you witness a defenseless person being assaulted you are allowed to come to their aid if you choose. Having an attitude that keeps you in a state of being prepared for a battle need not translate into being paranoid delusional. It’s not about walking around with a chip on your shoulder either. It’s about feeling safe, comfortable and protected in your own surroundings.

For me, I feel like I can be more helpful and available to strangers. I can pick up a hitch hiker, or hitch hike myself. I can walk through town any time of the night. With concealed weapons on my person, I feel like a sort of “public marshal.” I had a good daydream, fantasizing about what I would have done if I was at that horror scene where Congresswoman Giffords and those other poor people were shot by that scumbag early this year, but I’m not looking for the Boogieman around every corner. I know that most of the random strangers I meet are not psychopathic nut-jobs out to mame or kill me. When I happen to cross paths with people like that, I usually just…marry them.

Source: Aerko International

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2 responses to “Chemical Weapons: A great gift for the women in your life

  1. Great article, Kevin. I think it is highly appropriate along with one of my favorite writer’s new books: “Damaged” by Melody Carlson ( She had a facebook chat about the topic of date rape the other night, and it was a pretty good discussion. Part of it was about teaching girls self defense, and I think having the products you described go hand-in-hand to help combat physical attacks. But as you said, ANYONE can benefit from self defense, regardless of gender. More power to you for keeping yourself safe from the crazies of this world!

  2. Another great article Kevin. Keep up the interesting writing.

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