Squidoo and Social Media

By Kevin Leland

I found a great blog post about how the “big cheese” at Squidoo hardly participates in Social Media. It’s a legitimate gripe, I’m sure. We’ve seen it happen constantly at other huge, high ranking sites like Factoidz and EzineArticles. This article by Phil Brady, a 285 year old librarian, really calls them out on it, but at the same time, doesn’t rip apart Squidoo. Here it is below:

How Squidoo, a Social Media Company, Don’t Get Social Media

I don’t think that it would be fair to get too negative about Squidoo. I’m just beginning my business and social intelligence gathering on Squidoo and it’s fearless leaders. I’m starting off on a positive foot. Sara Valor, a long time associate, whose judgement I trust (she was the first to clue me in on the fact that Mike Quoc of Factoidz is running a Ponzi scheme) turned me on to Squidoo, and she is happy with it so far. They may not communicate with their users as much as some may like, but they don’t seem to exploit their users, according to Sara Valor, and she, like me, knows it when she sees it…And speaks out against it.

As Phil eloquently pointed out, Seth Godin, the owner of Squidoo, leaves his associates a lot to be desired when it comes to participation in social media. His crew is guilty of the same neglect, of pressing the flesh, causing them all to appear aloof and unapproachable. In the spirit of “looks can be deceiving” I want to open a discussion about some of the things that can be behind the appearence of aloofness, caused by ignoring Social Media…

Laziness– (I’ll start with the one I’m guilty of) I’m more of an “idea man” and when it comes to actually typing, posting, pointing and clicking…I’m  S – L – O – W. I spend three hours a day just answering emails and comments -and I’m not really that popular online, yet. I’m going to have to find or invent ways to be more productive in my socializing, because, it IS key. It is also the “fun part.”

Popularity– The ratio of  “users” to “big cheese” is just too great for these popular sites. The luxury of one on one isn’t possible. However, there should still be opportunity to “speak to the masses” and Social Networking certainly allows this, if it’s utilized

Political Correctness– You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Some folks would rather say nothing than say something that they know even a small percentage of their constituency will disagree with to the point of disassociating with them.

Privacy– Many people have their “home personality” their “work personality” their “party personality” and their “church personality”…Social Media has sabotaged the schizophrenic’s ability to keep up the facade. Ironically, before Facebook, the Internet set up socializing in a way that created the perfect environment for schizos. Forums used to have “user names” -much like CB radio had “handles”…Okay, everybody under 40, go ask your Mommy what a CB radio is…Hint: a CB is not a big black CD with a little hole in the center.

Volumes of content could be written on the topic of pros and cons to privacy and the Internet’s affect on the world’s, and on an individual’s social evolution.

Here is a prediction: Soon, user names will be as frowned upon, and possibly even as illegal as aliases are in the real world. I’m predicting that someday, Internet users will need to log in with biometrics, or some other form of identity verification. Scary thought, huh? Not to me. I wouldn’t walk into a liquor store with a ski mask on, if I wasn’t planning to rob it. The fifth amendment is an awesome civil liberty…but it’s only useful to those who are guilty of something. Freedom of speech is a civil liberty that less guilty folks can use to make the world a better place. But in a land of the free, home of the brave, we should have enough courage to sign our name to what we say in public, and if we desire our voices to be heard, we shouldn’t be afraid to show our faces.

As Bangari gets more and more popular, I plan to be just as much of a big mouth as I’ve always been. I’m sure I’ll have less people complaining that I’m too quiet and more wishing I would just shut up! LOL…I will try to pick up the pace with my correspondence, and utilize social networking more, but phew, I’m strugglin’ ! Bare with me please.

I’m also trying to follow Jesus’ information distribution/social networking strategy, by giving a close circle of people who started this thing with me, a green-light to answer questions, set policy, and represent and run our site…  Transparency, democracy, open source, co-op, are all approaches that will make “our thing” different than, and better than the rest. Wanna join us?

This is a juicy topic, please comment below!


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