Steve Weber: Real-life online marketing advice

By Kevin Leland

For: Steve Weber Internet Marketing

I just got an email from Steve Weber, packed with such down to earth advice about Work at Home Internet Marketing, with a couple of reasons why a person shouldn’t even attempt to do it. I’m great at recognizing a scam, and after you read this email from Steve, you’ll see for yourself why I recognized him as the “real deal” and stayed on his email list long after I had unsubscribed from 100s of other scammers‘ bs about making $10,000 per month without even lifting a finger.

I couldn’t have said all this better myself. I especially likes how he opens by saying “if you are afraid to learn new technology…forget it!” It’s so true. This is why I try not to call myself a “writer.” I am in IT. I am a Web content producer, which makes me different than a writer. Unlike a writer, a Web content producer has to understand Monetization, SEO, and a bit of HTML, be able to use, prolifically, Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble, Digg, Redditt, etc… and you have to be on the cutting edge of cloud computing. Then, on top of all this, you have to be able to work for $4.25 per hour, investing the rest of your labor for a payoff to come over time…sometimes, a   l-o-n-g    time!


Give this a read, and check out the conference call on Thursday.

Steve Weber said:

I hope your New Year is going great!

Oh, before I begin this long, but important email, remember that
I’m available Thursday nights for telephone calls via my conference
line. This call is for you if you feel frustrated and/or lost and
need basic direction for building your online business. See the
link at the end of this mail for details.

The past year was pretty odd for me. It was more challenging than I
was used to in a number of ways. But the Zen folks say that
adversity and change are always required for growth. I lived it
this year and do feel that to be true.

I absolutely believe there is a silver lining attached to every
single negative that comes your way. It’s up to you to find it
though. If you don’t believe in that silver lining philosophy 100%,
you’ll forever be stuck with the negatives and never enjoy the
growth and advantages life’s kruddy stuff brings along.

The krud in your life has positive sides. But you have to uncover and
find the good stuff it also offers.

Ok, let’s move on; I think you get my point.

Let’s talk about earning income online.

I speak with many beginning marketers and have a good “feel” for
what’s required for their success. Following up with many beginners
has taught me how to spot the ones who at least have a chance of

Basic and Mostly Required Factors For Success (in my opinion):

1. Completely non-technical people won’t make the cut. I define
“non-technical” here as a mindset. None of this is rocket science;
anyone can learn it…UNLESS there is a complete fear of technology.
For example, some beginners are petrified by the wp-admin screen
and simply can’t overcome it. My response to them is that there are
other ways, besides Internet marketing, to make money at home. They
need to explore other options they have.

2. Time is money in this business. Too often the scams have
convinced people they can spend a few hours a week and build a
successful business. Of course that thinking sells scams, but that
is all. Many people simply don’t have the time required. They have
a job, a family and not enough time to devote to the process. I
won’t specify a minimum time here, but I can tell you, in the
beginning anyway, 3 or 4 hours a week won’t cut it.

3. Those most likely to achieve success down the road are NOT
strapped for cash. When someone tells me they are laid off and need
to learn Internet marketing in order to make their coming house
payments, I encourage them to find as many part-time jobs as they
can for now. There is simply no way to learn this stuff and make it
all come together if you feel that much pressure. It’s not paint by
numbers; your head has to be in the right place to fit the pieces
together correctly.

4. Successful people enjoy the “process” of Internet marketing. No,
none of us like 100% of all the tasks involved, but we have to
enjoy 90% of it. Otherwise, the very difficult process of building
an online business is simply too much work for those who do not
enjoy the process.

5. Support from friends and family really helps. I won’t say that
your spouse has to be ALL the way on board with it in the
beginning. I am living proof you can make it work even without that
early support. Also, one of my most successful students overcame
tremendous family pressure in the beginning (now he’s well into the
mid 4 figures each month and on his way to 5). But wow, it sure
helps if you have some support…or at least not have any
anti-support. My advice here is to invest as much time in
communication as possible to ensure you don’t let any negative
energy build around you. (meaning…don’t keep your nose glued to
your computer screen every possible minute while neglecting too
much time with your spouse. This neglect, along with making ZERO
income in the beginning, is pretty tough for most spouses…surprise

There are many other minor factors that help the process along of
course. But I believe those 5 are pretty important for everyone
beginning the process.

If you are considering an online business for yourself or your are
floundering in your current one, give me a call on Thursday nights.
I want to help you get on the right track. I’ll answer your basic
questions and point you in the right direction.

Here’s the link for the call-in details:

I look forward to talking to you then!

Have a great New Year,

Steve Weber

Cactus Canyon LLC, hcr 65 box 3, southard, OK 73770, USA


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