Introducing WordAds, and the Bangari Mission

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Introducing WordAds.

By Kevin Leland

UPDATE: The WordAds program is available to sites with less than 100 views per day now.

The main focus at Bangari, is to make sure that Authors get recognition for what they write. Some of this content may be “spun” however, this needs to be done ethically and professionally. We can and do use automated spinners, but this is not to “mass produce” content. It’s only a tool to produce content efficiently, and make sure that it passes copy-scape. We don’t want to be a scrapper site! If we post stolen content, they will shut us down –rightly so! Authors names, with all sorts of on-page linking to each author’s content headline the site. It’s not all about the advertising revenue! We want our promote ourselves, and our own individual, unique, quality work. We are not trying to build another content farm.

Our second focus is to get paying work; producing content.–at a living wage!  The second goal is easier said than done, because there are so many scams out there that take advantage of those who could use some extra income working from home, who take the attitude “something is better than nothing” and  never learned that original, well written content is worth a lot more than .01 per word! If anyone offers you work at .01 per word, which amounts to about $5.00 per hour you are being exploited! At Bangari, we support the Freelancer’s Union. We believe in earning a living wage at this. Writers should be paid .03 per word, before they even consider turning over their intellectual property to someone, giving them exclusive rights.  There is nothing wrong with producing content at .01 per word, upfront, as long as you have an agreement, like we offer at Bangari, to continue to receive residual, a.k.a. “passive revenue” on this content.


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