WANTED: Nearly Free Content


By Kevin Leland

This is a link to a scam writing job:


This work pays less than a penny per word. Most writers produce bulk content at about 500 words per hour. Then they have to correspond with the buyer, share the Docs, and pay PayPal fees on the money they collect. On top of that, a freelance writer needs to find and bid on projects, and do the accounting for the business they transact. This is why content producers, with any self respect, and respect for others in this industry, should never ghost write for .01 per word. Factoring all that, turns even a measly $5.00 per hour into about $2.50. Not even close to a living wage.



2 responses to “WANTED: Nearly Free Content

  1. Snap Kevin my thoughts exactly 😉

  2. Great minds…right Nigel? There is nothing wrong with writing bulk content for .01 – .02 per word, if you sell the content with private label rights, and hold onto spun versions that you can continue to get passive revenue on and use to not only draw traffic to your own domains, but send traffic to your client’s domain. I stalked your blog. You rock, Sir! Man, would we like you on our team… Would you like a page on Bangari?

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