By Kevin Leland
For: Bangari Reviews is the online location of The Woman’s Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery™ TheInstitute has three clinics in the Chicago area. They concentrate on Botox, collagen, Restelyne, and Juvederm inoculation. Defy Age also specializes in women’s cosmetic enhancing surgery. These Chicago area cosmetic aesthetic medical procedure office locations have equipment and qualified doctors and technicians who also specialize in laser-guided hair elimination, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery — including cosmetic decorative surgeries for the face and body. The Woman’s Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery™ offers the aesthetic surgery that Chicago’s active women are looking for. They operate establishments in:




The phone number to reach any of these locations is:


They are open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to  7  p.m. If you have any questions, call them! They are happy to answer your questions.

Bangari is seeking good writers. Can you, from direct experience or interview with someone who has had a cosmetic procedure done by The Woman’s Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery™ — produce a 500 word, fair and unbiased review of that experience with the Institute and it’s staff? As long as there is a real person behind a real experience, you can use “pen-names” — No need to blab to the world that you got a tummy-tuck, right?…We will pay you, or donate to the Children’s Miracle Network, $2 upfront, plus passive revenue for each acceptable piece of content. If interested, click here

More about The Woman’s Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery™

Their Institute is run by women for women. Their cosmetic surgeons are board-certified, licensed doctors. They also perform laser-assisted hair extraction and other laser laser beam strategies that will improve your looks, while it reduces the maintenance required to keep that new look!

Dear Readers,
If anyone would like to just comment below, for free, you are more than welcome…We usually even appreciate it! Comments are moderated — by strong believers in the right to free speech. No need to be ‘formal’ — However, keep the language at a PG-13 level please. If you ‘slip’ no worries, we will just edit it out w/ &^%$ before we post it. Debates about ‘the benefits and risks of plastic surgery’ in general are welcome in the comments. We respect your opinion, we only ask that it is an informed one. Thanks for putting your two cents in!

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