Henna Tattoo Designs

By Kevin Leland

For Bangari Content Gallery Henna Collection

Henna Designs

Let me start this post by plugging The Henna Page. All the instructions you will need to get into doing this yourself can be found there. I will be glad to answer any questions directed at my newbie experience, just drop a comment in the comments below. If you have some photos of your own proud creations, please allow me to paste them here!

 Henna does have a shelf life. I have some Rajasthani Monsoon Henna coming by mail any day from one of the certified suppliers from this Website. I’ll let you know how it went. Until then, I made the batches that produced the designs shown in the pics below from the stuff I bought at Amazon! < Just click on that link and drag & drop it onto your tool bar, and shop at Amazon for all your henna supplies, and anything else you can think of, mailed directly to your door.

Henna back design cross

Silver Fleur de Lis French Design Cross

Here are some pictures of some designs that I did. Thanks to willing guinea pigs, I’m getting lots of practice! I’m always looking for new recruits, so hit me up.  By the time I get my first paying henna gig, with the help of more willing volunteers — I should have a halfway decent portfolio. I will organize all my henna work here on Bangari, and invite other henna tattoo artists to do the same. If you donated your skin to my worthy cause, feel free to comment here to let us know how you liked the design, how long it lasted, and offer any other suggestions or critiques.

This picture (above) was taken after the 2.5 hour process was complete, and before the henna flaked off. The foot design (below) didn’t take nearly as long, maybe 40 minutes — is also just after the henna dried.

Henna foot design

This was a brand new batch of henna I made earlier in the day. It stuck on really well, and didn’t flake off overnight. In the morning, after it was washed off, this dye showed itself to be very “orange” I’m going to try it next on my son, Levi who has much darker skin, to see if it gives a different hue. I want to experiment with different color henna used in the same designs, once my collection of home made stuff increases.

Dad does a Henna Tatto of a goldfish on Levi's arm

with dye dried

Henna Ink dried -- but not flaked off yet

Henna tattoo after henna dye flaked off.

I use a kids Tattoo marker to sketch out the design before I go over it with the henna dye. After the henna paste dried. It didn’t flake off at all, even through the night, but as you can see below, the stain came out a bit orange. I guess that’s appropriate for a goldfish design! I’m going to collect different colored henna dyes, and try one with three or four hues in the same design.

Levi  got lot’s of ‘wow-awesomes’ at school today! I learned a good trick too — I use plastic caps to make a shape impressed into the skin. Just press and hold a cap on the skink, not too hard, and it will make a perfect circle that you can trace out with the dye after. this is how I did the bubbles. I also experimented with shading the bubbles. It worked out well.

Henna tattoos last about a week or two. This makes them an awesome alternative for those people who like body art, but don’t desire something permanent. Temporary tattoos are great for those of the Jewish faith, and other religions that frown on permanent tattoos. Henna is the way to go!

Cookie cutters of all different shape also work great, like the bottle cap, for giving a very even, symmetrical design to follow, and it’s invisible after the skin goes back in place. The other advantage to using the “pressing” stencil method, is it makes kind of a groove, that the henna sits in. Enjoy, comment, and try this yourself! Order what you need at Amazon by clicking here

Bangari thanks  the beautiful Carla Lee, for modeling the henna butterfly…along with her sublime figure, in the featured image for this post. She is a professional, freelance model and photographer, with plenty of content available for your Website or other media. To contact Carla: click here.

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6 responses to “Henna Tattoo Designs

  1. I love henna designs. I’ve been hanging on to a sun design I want to get done permanently on my back.

    I can’t get over that chicks body. Sexy curves,

    • Could you upload that sun design, and give me a link? Yes, Carla Lee is hot! She is a very professional model, just starting out…I’m trying to get her to post her portfolio here at Bangari. She has other great photos, with most of her clothes on, that are just as well done. She is quite a photographer too. Many of her self portraits (with iPhone) look professionally done.

  2. you have many talents Kevin Leland!

    • Thanks! After 2 1/2 years of celibacy, my best talents are collecting dust! LOL I miss you guys. I hope you are managing okay without me. If Carol needs me to clean up after fondu night, just give me a call. Tell everyone I said “Hi” 🙂

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  4. Black-henna black and white tattoos can cause flare-ups in any pre-existing skin condition, such
    as Celtic crosses for example, many people feel free to adopt bold designs.

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