For sale: Purple Pit Bull Puppies

By Kevin Leland

For Vermont Pet Services

Here are two dogs that my oldest son and I are very proud of. The Blue Pitbull lives with my son, Preston. His dog’s name is “Oakley.” The Florida Red Nose Pit Bull lives with Preston’s Grandparents, and they love him like crazy and treat him like their own kid. My dad (Preston’s grandfather) says “This dog is human” There is a good story about Job (named after my Old Testament Bible hero) that I’ll attach at the bottom in related articles. It’s about how Job rescued my Mother. He’s a dog-hero! -Watch the video of how he holds a live spider crab on his face

Oakley and Job

Purple Pit Bull Puppies $100K each


4 responses to “For sale: Purple Pit Bull Puppies

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  2. Pingback: Pit Bull Hero and Old Testament Hero: Job | Bangari Content Gallery

  3. I had a purple pit bulk once. He was gray when he was born and by the fifth month he was light purple skin fur, eyes, tongue, nose, and toe nails
    I took he to the vet because I thought he was sick and they told me he was a purple pitbull worth over 10,000 with papers!!!!! Sold he to a guy in sandiego for 1,000 dollars no papers say what you want but purple pits are real

    • Hey Jesse, you just schooled me on that one! There really ARE purple pitbull puppies? I hope you have some pictures. I’ll give you $20 for some I can post with this article. Thanks for the comment.

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