Pit Bull Hero and Old Testament Hero: Job

The dog in this video below is the smartest, most obedient dog I have ever known. He is a pure bred Florida Red Nose Pit Bull, born in Florida in 2006 and then taken to New England to live with me, then my son, and now finally with my parents. His name is Job; pronounced with a long “O” -after my Old Testament hero. The breeder’s name was Zudy, from Florida. She kept in touch, and always followed up on all the puppies she turned over to good homes. I’ve lost her number and changed mine. I hope this post gets us in touch again . . . I should try Facebook too, with a unique first name like that!

When Job was just under a year old, he lived with my son. They got a kitten. Job played with the kitten constantly. He would carry the kitten around in his mouth, gently -and the kitten would encourage him to do this. It was a riot! (wish I had some video) My son came in from taking out the trash and found the dog and cat ran out of the apartment. My son went around the block looking for them. When he got back to the house he looked in and found Job at the top of the stairs blocking the kitten, all slobbered with dog drool, from getting out the door. We figured the cat got out and Job went after him and carried him home in his mouth. He is very caring and nurturing, just by nature.

My mom got sick from preparing for a medical procedure and in the middle of the night went into the bathroom, closed the door, and passed out cold. Job, a heavy sleeper -gets a full nine hours every night–somehow sensed something wrong and sat in front of the bathroom door and barked until my father got out of bed and helped my mother up off the floor. For the rest of that night, and the next day while my mother was recovering from anesthesia, Job went in every hour to check on her. This animal is a great companion to my parents and will be until they are well into their seventies. He is an incredible watch dog. He won’t bark when my parents are sleeping unless it’s an emergency. If I come to the door, normally he barks with excitement. If my parents are in bed, he barely whines or “whisper barks” -you gotta hear it to believe it . . . the next video perhaps?

His only drawback is that he gets too rambunctious when they watch TV. He watches right along with them but jumps up and barks when an animal comes on the TV. He also does it with water (he loves to go swimming) and bikes (he loves to pull me down the bike path on a skate board and race the bicycles).  It’s gotten to the point where he knows within a second of the commercial coming on if it’s one of his favorites, and he’ll come running from anywhere in the house to stand in front of the TV and wait for the animal to appear. We can’t break him of it. That might be a job for Caesar Millan -The Dog Whisperer. That guy is a genius as far as I’m concerned, I’d really like to meet him; I’m a big fan. Maybe he’ll see this and be Factoidz.com’s first celebrity commenter?

The media is finally starting to talk about how Pit Bulls get a bad rap. Like they say, “Dog bites man is not news, man bites dog is.” Now the viciousness of Pit Bulls is becoming old news, way too overplayed, and this breed is starting to get the recognition it deserves for being gentle and intelligent and fiercely loyal. I hope you enjoyed this factoid (with video). Search “pit bull” in the factoidz search box, and you will find many other articles that contribute to the new news: Pit Bulls rock!

This video is the second time I made him keep the live crab on his nose -this time on camera. He wasn’t really crazy about doing it again. But, like most pit bulls, Job puts what we want ahead of what he wants–like to sit peacefully without a crustacean on his face! For those of you who are thinking “how cruel” know that he was treated to a whole ounce of buttered crab meat, and the live crab on his face is a kind that isn’t able to pinch from that position.


3 responses to “Pit Bull Hero and Old Testament Hero: Job

  1. kEVIN.. That was a great article about ”Job”. He is still doing different things that I really dont believe. He is the smartest dog I have ever owned, and yes, Pit Bulls do get a very bad rap. But like any dog, It’s all in the way you bring them up. He also has a new one that he dose. When he has to go out, he bugs your mother, he wont come to me to let him out. I tell him NO when he bugs your mother, and he starts to bark at me for saying no. Almost had him saying water. anyway. great article about him. Cant believe he will be 6 years old in April.

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