Princess Leah and the Blind Saint

By Kevin Leland

We post a lot of content about travel here at Bangari. We hope to help our readers with their travel adventures. I had to post this. It’s a good example of  a bad example for American tourists. Listen. — when you travel to another country, don’t make an ass of yourself. Please. Represent. Otherwise, you make your entire country look stupid. The picture to the left is of Saint Lucia. A real blind Saint. (Hence the Eye-balls in the plate) Read about St. Lucia, but first read this:

All these words were directly from the Twopences (Jon and Leah Pence) honeymoon blog…I’m just adding the words in italics. Jon and Leah felt stupid about what they said and did, but instead of just apologizing, they went back and edited almost all the stupid stuff out of their blog…good thing I preserved some for posterity! Then, they each went right back to stuffing their foot in their mouth, pulling it out only long enough to bad-mouth me and some other friends, trying to break up friendships that they had no business messing with. But what do you expect from these two self-centered, spoiled-American brats?

This story is for You TwoPences…cuz it’s all about you and your Royal third-world-traveling honeymoon:

Princess Leah: Later at the local bar, I helped a very, very drunk girl who, was part of the surf weekend, on and off the toilet as she swayed back and forth and kept repeating that she had no more smokes left. Oh, I remember those days!!

Prince Jon: But Leah’s nausea won’t subside and the stop is shorter than we anticipated; should we really be getting back on this bus? Considering our lack of options, all signs point to yes so I refill the water & grab a makeshift shomit bucket (nasty word, which is guy lingo for shitting & vomiting).

Leah is far from content so she has me ask around for a better seat, as if one really exists. I soon realize that the fortunate souls who sat in the front row didn’t even get up to stretch because they knew they were sitting on gold. Of course, Leah wants their seats (which isn’t a bit surprising) but considering that one of them is a blind woman traveling solo — I struggle to find the words to ask. It turned out that she was the only one who even bothers to say something other than, “no thanks.” Not only does she get up and give us her seats (bags were in her side seat) but all of this without any hesitation.

Julie Woods

She’s a frickin saint, quite literally too, since she was on her way down to Christchurch to help displaced families affected by the quake.

After Prince Jon helps his new bride, recently blessed by the blind Saint who let the princess enjoy a more comfortable ride back to the hotel, he gets her to settle in and begin to sleep off her…belly-ache. He opens his laptop and types out a blog post about the third world countries they were visiting…

Prince Jon: Shitty, it’s so goddamn hot here (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Anyway, life is good and so are we – checking back a few days after we recover from party mode –

Prince Jon remembers young, inexpensive prostitutes  as they holla for a dolla! Pleased to be in the center of the red-light district, in anticipation of what the next day would bring, he continues to post more thoughts on his blog:

Prince Jon:  Believe it or not, we felt settled and relaxed in our average hotel (only $50 USD/night) – not just because it had the typical creature-comforts but because of its auspicious location in the red light district. No joke, it was a refreshing view of normal Singaporean culture – loads of street vendors, cafes/bars, tiny stores and cheap shit everywhere.

Leah and I may have different views about this sorta thing (and many others for that matter) but I can tell you bluntly, it makes me feel humbled and fortunate to have the type of lifestyle that affords quality health, food and safety back at home. I know this is a third world country but I don’t mean to say this place is ugly or bad in any way – just an eye-openeeeer in the simplest sense – more so than Thailand in many ways for me. Come on…you must of at least heard about what is here?? Well if you don’t, ya best read up. – can’t wait for more youngins chasin’ our dollar!


We all know that there are assholes like Jon and Leah Pence in the world who would actually ask a blind woman to give up her seat on a bus. But if any good can come out of their asocial bullshit, I think I found it!

I think I found the real life, 21st century Blind Saint mentioned in these posts! Ain’t the InterWeb great?! Her name is Julie Woods. Visit her site, and see what she was up to with her volunteering for the earthquake victims in Christchurch in 2011:


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