Love is a Battlefield

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Chrissy Billis: The OkCupid Killer

Marital Embezzlement

Family Embezzlement

Intimate Violence: Murder – Suicide on the Rise

This post will list the many sad stories, unfolding around the world, of loving trust, offended by violence. Crimes of love turned to hate are the most disgusting and violent. When a trust born naturally of true love is violated, families and communities suffer a wrong that surpasses what terrorists — strangers from far away — have done to us. It must not be tolerated! If think you or your family is in danger, call for help:

Valerie Jenkins, now convicted of manslaughter, gave her suicidal and drunk husband a loaded pistol after an argument in May 2009


For handing her drunk, suicidal husband a loaded pistol — which he used to kill himself — a Cutler Bay woman will serve five years of probation…read more

Patton  sentenced for killing girlfriend in front of their four year old son

At Melvin R. Patton’s trial in December, jurors heard his son’s version of the shooting.
“I said, ‘Daddy, please don’t kill my Mommy.’ He went, ‘Pow, pow, pow,'” the boy said in a taped interview.

A St. Louis man who killed his former girlfriend in front of their 4-year-old son was sentenced Friday to multiple life terms in prison. Melvin R. Patton also shot his ex-girlfriend’s brother and one of her friends. The friend survived but her brother, Julius Elliott died.


2 responses to “Love is a Battlefield

  1. I’m an expert in the kind of drama and trauma most people go to great lengths to avoid. This expertise has come through hard won experience. I have justice issues. As a Bible believing Christian, I am often told by well meaning friends and family “Let go and let God.” I trust fully in God’s justice as well as His mercy. However, often times He desires to work through us. Contact me if you need help with your own intimate crime / justice issues. I can walk you through, confidentially, safely and successfully.

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