Chinese Medicine to Treat Drug Addiction

By Martha Jette

Martha Jette

Most people drink to forget something – a love lost, problems at work, a death in the family or some other life-changing issue. They drink to drown away their worries and concerns, and some people don’t stop until they quite literally pass out. For these people, the only cure involves compete abstinence and although Alcoholics Anonymous and its 12-step program is something you can and should consider there are also Chinese medicines that might help.

Chinese medicine, which goes back thousands of years, reflects the view that the health of an individual depends upon his or her relationship with the environment around them. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907), a Materia Medica was released that documented 833 medicinal substances taken from stones, minerals, metals, plants, herbs, animals, vegetables, fruits and cereal crops. These were later categorized according to their pharmaceutical uses. Today, the practice of traditional Chinese medicine is called ‘TCM.’

The most well known in the western world is Ephedra, a medicine that has been used for 5,000 years to treat asthma, hay fever and even the common cold. This stimulant and thermogenic was used in Mormon Tea, which Native Americans and Mormons used to drink.

Following legal battles over the side effects of Ephedra including stroke, the supplement industry now offers “Ephedrine-free” version like Bitter Orange. Normally used as a weight loss supplement, it is also used to fight alcohol addiction.

Addictions to hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine are the most difficult to stop. However, there is a Chinese supplement that has been found to help. Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a plant from southeast Asia that has psychoactive abilities due to its many alkaloids including mitragynine that cause a stimulating effect. 

Studies are currently underway to determine if Kratom, in conjunction with Ibogaine could be used in drug treatment. However, a TCM Formula is already available.

Other remedies that might help include:

D-Stress is a tincture that can be taken to calm the body and nervous system.

Blood Purifier – Blood Detox Formula helps clean the blood and lymph system useful for drug toxicity

Ron Teeguarden’s Wild Reishi made from mushrooms is an extract that helps protect the liver, lowers cholesterol, protects the cardiovascular system and stabilizes the nervous system.

On a final note, fasting on juices and steamed distilled water for five days is believed to wash the nicotine and other toxins out of the body.

More Chinese Remedies


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