Will Connecticut Abolish the Death Penalty?

I am against the death penalty. I didn’t always feel this way. What changed my mind? I was an informant who worked with the VT State police, and busted a confessed murderer, who supported the death penalty, yet ironically was opposed to abortion. Murder in all it’s forms is wrong! Choose life, always. I’m not sure I could have led this murderer to the gallows, and if we had a death penalty here in Vermont, I don’t know what I would have done to get justice in this case.

Kevin Leland

Below is an email from Colleen Cunningham, a MoveOn member who created a petition at SignOn.org that is getting a lot of attention and may be of interest to people in your area. If you have concerns or feedback about this petition, click here.

Dear Connecticut MoveOn member,

We have a real opportunity to end the death penalty in Connecticut—if we act now.

A recent study has proven Connecticut’s death penalty is applied in a racist and arbitrary manner, is far more expensive than life imprisonment without the possibility of release, and risks executing the innocent. With your help, we are optimistic that we can pass a bill to repeal the death penalty this year.

That’s why I created a petition to the Connecticut House and Senate and Governor Dan Malloy on SignOn.org, which says:

The death penalty has been proven to be expensive and racist and risks executing an innocent person. Please work to see that the death penalty is repealed this year!

Will you sign the petition? Click here to add your name, and then pass it along to your friends:



–Colleen Cunningham

The text above was written by Colleen Cunningham, not by MoveOn staff, and MoveOn is not responsible for the content. This email was sent through MoveOn’s secure system, and your information has been kept private.

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6 responses to “Will Connecticut Abolish the Death Penalty?

  1. There are just sometimes when I think it is justified when a murderer gets the death penalty. I say this because a very dear young man that I knew was a police officer and he was gunned down by Jamie Hood when he stopped to lend assistance to a wounded officer who had just been shot by him. I believe this will be a capital case since a cop was killed. Our ‘Buddy’ didn’t even know what hit him. He was shot in back of the ear because he was ambushed before he could even get out of his car to help the wounded officer.

    There are times when I believe the punishment suits the crime. The prison systems are so full that more and more prisoners are getting out and doing more crimes again.

    About abortion.. I can’t judge any woman for having one. I am against abortion for myself (because one was forced on me as a young woman). For the most part, I believe pro choice is pro kill, but there are times when having a child could kill the mother, or rape and incest could ruin a girl’s life.

    I know our opinions differ, but that is just what makes us unique. We are both good people with our own ideas of what is acceptable. Maybe one day my thoughts will change on the issue of capital punishment. I was very saddened when that person I felt was innocent was executed. I cried over that really bad.

    Maybe you are right… maybe just for the mistakes that are made that capital punishment should be an abandoned practice. Here I am talking myself out of something I have believed in for so long! It’s just really hard for me to condone not executing the really mean and sadistic killers who stole the lives of so many innocent people.

  2. Doesn’t Moveon.org support Abortion though?

  3. Hey Sal! Yes, I know how you feel. I’ve always been pro-life (with the exception of supporting capital punishment) I’ve changed my mind on the death penalty. I’m NOT saying that murderers don’t deserve to die. I’m all for ‘killing them’ –before or after the justice system is involved. But where ‘killing’ can often be justified, execution and abortion is murder. Murder is always wrong. There is a big difference between “killing” and “murder.”

  4. Hi Carla! Yes, they do. as a ‘progressive Catholic’ — I’m forced to find my own political and denominational identity, issue by issue, among all sorts of people with some views that oppose some of mine. I try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  5. for me everybody always deserves a second a chance but it really depends to the crime committed by the criminals, before I always opposed death penalty but after I’ve seen so many crimes done by those soulless criminals I changed my mind, but the govt. make sure that it is really imposed to the real criminals and not to the innocent one. Personally I am in big no no for abortion because people should be responsible for there action.

  6. “I’m NOT saying that murderers don’t deserve to die. I’m all for ‘killing them’ –before or after the justice system is involved. But where ‘killing’ can often be justified, execution and abortion is murder.”

    LOL! I know you will think I’ve got a screw loose here, but I’m not quite sure how killing them is different than executing them. Executing them is killing them after all their legal stuff is over and done with (appeals).

    Personally, I know you will think I’m bad for saying this, but if the murderer of our “Buddy” goes to lethal injection, I would want to be there to see it happen just so I can see that Buddy’s killer is never going to kill anyone again.

    I was up close and personal with my husband, (ex) who was a corrections officer. He worked in Jackson GA where they had the chair. I used to be a bleeding heart back when I was first married to him, but gradually changed my stance to believe that the death penalty is sometimes justified. Just my opinion.

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