Free Detox Home Remedy – Pass a Drug Screening in 2 hours.

By Lionel Roy

Here is the kit, for only $20 (including shipping)

It is enough to pass two tests.

buy now 2014-05-02_1548

If you want to buy the ingredients, and make the detox remedy for yourself, read all the material below. The entire recipe is listed here for free.

Free detox home remedy

The solution to pollution is dilution!

You need to dilute your urine, that is polluted with THC, so that the amount of canibinoids in your urine will be under the threshold, even if the amount in your fat cells is over the limit. You can buy a testing kit, or some other goodies at my Amazon store.

click picture to go to and buy test strips

click picture to go to and buy test strips

If all you needed to do is pass the dipstick test, then drinking a lot of fluids, and peeing as many times as possible before finally filling the sample bottle would fool that test. This takes about 48- 64 ounces of water, and from two to three hours. But there are two important tests that you need to pass before the dipstick test is even dropped in the bottle…

1st Test:


thermometer 2013-08-01_0716

Buy an oral thermometer on Amazon….click on picture. (Q) Do you know how to tell the difference between an ‘oral’ thermometer and a ‘rectal’ thermometer?(A.)..Taste…

This is the first test that needs to be passed before they will even waste a dipstick on the sample. If the temperature reads way below 98.6 degrees, they will assume that you are using urine from another person…and fail you right there. I have to tell this funny and true story:

I know a guy who got an American Bull Dog puppy for Christmas and right away started using the dog’s pee to pass his drug screening. He kept the substitute pee in a latex glove, close to his body. This kept the sample warm enough, and he passed two consecutive tests. A few months later, the third test came up. He repeated this tried and true method, confident he would pass again. To his surprise, this time he failed. Actually, the puppy did! Staying loyally by his master’s side had subjected the little guy to eating some stuff that was only meant for the Master…and the puppy’s pee popped positive!

2nd Test

Color and creatine

urine color 2013-08-01_0722If your urine is diluted enough to pass the dipstick test, then it will be too clear to pass the color test. Again, you will fail before they even drop in the dipstick. Or, if the creatine level is also very low it can fail even if they let it slide on the lack of color. The picture on the left, I found on the site: (check it out if you want to learn more about urine color) I will be adding pics of a range of urine color as it looks throughout the process.

The recipe that I’m handing over here, will remedy the color problem and the creatine issue as well. As I said above, if your urine is diluted enough to pass, it still needs to pass muster for creatine and color.

What is so cool about this detox drink, isn’t just that like some others, it won’t cost you $25.00 ~ $50.00 per bottle. Yet it is the same stuff, because I reverse engineered it from one of those expensive, store-bought recopies. It is actually even higher quality, because I added and adjusted some ingredients to give it some other DOPEY FIN 2014-02-01_1633important health benefits. Mainly:

It prevents urinary tract infections.

It is a healthy drink

It is an energy drink

It’s chock full of vitamins

The creatine causes you to gain 10% in athletic performance –strength, but mainly endurance. This is a scientifically proven, unexaggerated physiological fact. However, please be careful with creatine. It can have negative side effects, and can cause problems with your pancreas. If you are someone who has had a bad experience with creatine, please post your story about that experience here. I want people to be warned. Don’t do bad math! Don’t calculate: One dose of creatine = 10% increase in athletic performance, therefore 10 doses = 100% increase…10x the dose of creatine can kill you!

If you want to learn more about the dangers and benefits of creatine supplement, check out the following sites: Creatine: Side Effects, What it Is, What it Does. Creatine: Is it worth the risk?

Some other tips for passing a drug screening:

  • Get some of this drink in you at least a day before. Creatine goes through your system fast, but you want at least a 24 hour head start, if you can get it.

           ● Do not to give early morning urine for the test sample.

● Drink a full 48 oz to 64 oz. bottle of this remedy 2 hrs. before the test.

● Coffee, and water in addition will help. Urine that is “too yellow” may send up a flag. Note: Be careful mixing a lot of coffee with a lot of creatine. Studies show this may increase the dangerous side effects of creatine.

● Indicate that you take vitamins and non-steroid athletic performance supplements if questioned, saying that you are trying to get healthy (if you are not) or that you are trying to stay fit (if you are)

● Abstaining from herb for 10 days or more before an expected test is a good way to practice temperance, and pass with or w/o the remedy! But at least 72 hours is best.

● Remember, the best way to pass drug screening is by NOT using drugs.

I’ve also received a lot of this question: Will it detox me from opiates, cocaine, meth, etc…My answer is simply this: Don’t do that shit! If you use my free recipe to beat a test for that poison (I don’t think you will be able to for those other nasty substances) I don’t even want to know about it!

Thank you for trying my recipe. I hope it brings you excellent health. Make it part of a daily regimen that includes good food, good exercise, and good hygiene, and may you never get a UTI – -or fail a drug screening. Visit my Amazon Store (Walmart Sucks!) to buy a testing kit (I get a 4% commission, and the prices are good, packaging is discrete, and you don’t have to burn gas driving to some store. You can have it delivered right to your house by some person who earns a living wage to deliver it to you. ) — So that you can “pre-test yourself” I’ve included a link to a dipstick test kit that you can buy on Amazon.

Please stay in touch and leave comments as to how it worked for you. You can remain anonymous. Also, I am a big believer in the ‘Decriminalization of Marijuana’ I get many hits on this post, but have yet to get a good discussion going here on that topic. Please post your thoughts in comments.

 Free Detox Home Remedy Ingredients:

IMPORTANT NOTE: To build your kit, simply click on the pictures of each ingredient. That will take you to by my affiliate code. You will be able to select from different products, at different prices, for each of the ingredients. You can get enough ingredients, in the price range listed to make dozens of 32oz. bottles of this potion, for under $60 total. (remember, each 32 oz. bottle is worth, like, $50 bucks!)

24 oz. of Cranberry Juice  $8 – $60 (for a case of six -makes 12)

Cranberry juice 2013-08-01_0709

Click Pic to see a selection of 100% Cranberry Juice for sale on Amazon

Cranberry juice is the foundation of this remedy and the ingredient that is scientifically proven to help prevent a UTI. Now this is important: , Use 100% REAL juice, preferably unsweetened, even though it’s kind of expensive and a little bitter. There is also a concentrated, powder form that comes as a pill. This is a suitable and somewhat cheaper substitute for real juice but “cocktail” or “drink” is NOT.

Cranberry juice does not kill the bacteria in the urinary tract. It does not change the Ph of urine making it too acidic for the bacteria to grow. There are proanthocyanidins in cranberry juice that keep the bacteria from sticking to the cells that make up the urinary tract flushing it right out of your system. This remedy also contains a diuretic ingredient that increases the frequency of flushes. We will get to that later.

The largest family-owned cranberry farm in the world, A.D. Makepeace Co., is in Massachusetts. This entire industry suffered in recent years loosing 80% of returns. This almost killed it. Now, thanks to a great program offered by Ocean Spray to the children of their current growers called “Next Wave” these family farms will live to be passed on to the sons and daughters who grew up there. Feel better without a UTI and feel good about supporting the American family farm.

How much juice is enough? Three glasses per day should do it. I make up this remedy in a 32 oz. bottle, with about 24 ounces of cranberry juice and drink one per day. I have never had a UTI.

There are other benefits to cranberry juice. I am a big fan of antioxidants, and this juice has plenty of that. So does Pom pomagranit juice and also a Blueberry juice I’ve tried. This is very high in antioxidents, and all natural…delicious too! It is a good source of vitamin E, and also Vitamin K which the body does not store, so a daily dose is recommended. A bottle of this remedy will also supply 125% of a days requirement of vitamin C. Okay, so it is bitter tasting! The next ingredient in this recipe will take the edge off of that.

4 packets or 12 drops or 1/2 teaspoon of Stevia $7 – $15

stevia 2013-08-01_0806

Click picture above to see a selection of stevia products at Amazon

It’s finally subsiding, but Stevia is shrouded in controversy. All you government conspiracy theorists listen to this: The FDA seems to have collaborated with artificial sweetener lobbyists to give this herb such a bad rap that it is practically treated like marijuana. If it is labeled as a sweetener, and not as a dietary supplement, it is subject to search and seizure. This herb is 150 to 400 times sweeter than sugar. Native to Paraguay, it is starting to be used very frequently in Japan where it has been scientifically tested and found to be completely safe for human consumption.

You can find this low calorie natural sweetener in health-food stores. Use it instead of all those artificial sweeteners that I think can be toxic. The FDA tells the public that they tested these chemicals and found them to be safe. The problem with the testing is that they don’t heat up the chemicals at any point to simulate an unrefrigerated truck load of diet soda in Nevada in July; 120 degrees. Studies have shown that these temperatures can change the properties of these artificial sweeteners rendering an adverse effect on the nervous system.

There is some research that suggests that stevia can actually decrease blood sugar. But extensive research has proven that it will NOT increase levels of sugar in the blood. So it makes a perfect replacement for sugar. Although a very natural product, refined sugar has no nutritional value and is extremely overused except in Brazil where it is used exclusively to fuel that country’s automobiles.

It is the diuretic properties of stevia that makes it very useful in this remedy. What is a diuretic? A substance that makes you pee. Holding your urine, which in of itself can be uncomfortable, can cause a UTI. So don’t be concerned with the inconvenience, if you feel the urge, go! Emptying your bladder after intercourse helps in the prevention of these infections. Caffeine is also a diuretic, but this irritates the bladder so stay away from it while being treated for a UTI.

5 Grams of Creatine Monohydrate $8 to $16 (30+ doses)

Creatine 2013-08-01_0811Creatine is an excellent supplement as long as you don’t overdose on it. Use this supplement with caution. 5 grams is an all around, one size fits all dose. Even the best stuff is only about 45 cents per dose. Experiment with it because not everyone reacts the same to it. Some people have some trouble digesting it. If it upsets your stomach, try creatine citrate instead.

What is creatine for and what does it do?

This supplement increases the power in your muscle cells-substantially! If you do 10 reps with a certain weight during a workout, you are likely to see an extra rep after a week of 5 gram doses of creatine. Studies have shown it to be safe, and the extra energy claims are well supported. It also helps your muscle recover after exercise. See if you notice the lactic acid ache dissipate sooner after taking creatine daily. It accomplishes all this by drawing water into the muscles.

Many creatine users “cycle” the use of this product. I think this is a good idea. Because this supplement is a relatively new discovery, there is some concern that like with some other supplements, your body may fail to make it on it’s own if it gets used to or dependent on it being provided by an outside source. So taking it for two months and then taking a month off can keep your metabolism from forgetting how to make this up by it’s self. Even though it probably won’t forget.

This ingredient is effective. Coupled with the B vitamins, you are giving you’re body a real double energy boost-Kinda like the 5 hour energy drinks. — Not the “caffeine, taurine” kind of unhealthy, artificial and temporary kind of jittery energy those popular energy drinks provide. It will cause your kidneys to work a little harder, so if you have kidney or liver problems I would omit this ingredient. Let your doctor know if you decide to take this daily.

Riboflavin $4 – $21 

Riboflavin B-2


This final ingredient is found in the B Complex vitamins. B Vitamins give you energy. The thing about Riboflavin (B2)  that helps if you want to pass a urine test is: It turns your pee yellow. As I mentioned, if the urine is too clear, they will fail it before even putting a dipstick in. Experiment with the amount of Thiamine that you use. Notice how long it takes to go trough your system and change the color of your urine.

B Vitamins are water soluble. This means you can’t overdose on them. I recommend taking a vitamin with all the “Bs” in it. Although, most health stores have it separate in liquid or pill form. This is important if you want to experiment with the amount – time – color of the Thiamin alone.

Last thing: make sure you list vitamins and supplements on the form, as medicines you take. This will answer any suspicious questions as to why your pee is fluorescent yellow!

UPDATE: Whine, sniffle, whine…C’mon you guys! I’m giving this away for free! It’s one of my most popular posts on this site. (40 hits a day) Show me a little love. A link from your site, a submit on Stumble, a ‘like’ and especially a comment, even if it’s negative -I’m sincere about wanting to know how well my detox remedy works outside of my own experience. Maybe even an interesting conversation about decriminalization of weed vs. legalization. Or, click on that orange link above, buy a dipstick test kit, or Kindle, or anything else you may search and shop for, from Amazon, from that link, and I’ll get a little commish. Pardon my whine –thanks for playing!

K-2, Monkey Weed, Fake Weed, Spice, Pot-pouri, synthetic marijuana

K-2, Monkey Weed, Fake Weed, Spice, Pot-pouri, synthetic marijuana


15 responses to “Free Detox Home Remedy – Pass a Drug Screening in 2 hours.

  1. $author you have a great blog!

  2. Great post! I ask you to visit my website for similar info!

  3. are there drugs that cling to fat cells better than other drugs?

    • I know that lean people detox more quickly than the overweight. However, I’m not sure how different drugs compare. This detox remedy is meant for Marijuana. Weed is a substance that in my opinion is less dangerous than alcohol, and like alcohol, can be enjoyed in moderation. Weed, unlike alcohol can also be used medically…Some employers disagree. I highly, pardon the pun, recommend staying away from other substances. Rememeber: The best way to detox is by NOT ‘toxifying’ in the first place!

  4. I don’t do drugs so no need there lol.

  5. Hmmm…You don’t know what you’re missing Charlene! C’mon, all the popular kids are doing it! Don’t you wanna be cool? What are you, chicken? Just kidding with all the typical peer pressure…I’m lucky that I’ve never been addicted to any substance. It’s good to be temperate, but it’s way better to be straight edge! The best way to pass a drug screening is: DON’T DO DRUGS!

    Note: This recipe has a lot of other health benefits, so don’t hesitate to try it for those purposes. Remember, it prevents a Urinary Tract Infection, is full of vitamins and antioxidants, and helps you recover from a workout. It also gives you 10% more endurance to push yourself a bit farther in your workouts.

  6. Dr. Sanjay Gupta changes his stance on Marijuana:

    Gupta slammed the national misinformation campaign around medical uses of marijuana, and his own culpability in it, writing in his op-ed:

    We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that.
    Gupta’s comments come days ahead of his one-hour documentary Weed, which takes a global look at marijuana.

    Read the article on Common Dreams:

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta: I Was Wrong About Medical Marijuana
    CNN’s chief medical correspondent does about-face in advocating medical uses of cannabis
    – Andrea Germanos, staff writer

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  9. I respect this write up, and will be testing it out myself. I clicked to be notified from any follow up comments so hopefully if that happens it will remind me if I forget to come back and tell what happened for me. Thanks for the details and easy-to-read post with pictures and links. Ha ha its 2013, people don’t like to just read anymore.

    • So true Zach! I guess I picked a bad century to try to be a writer, huh? Thanks for the comment. Please let me know how it worked out for you. I recommend you buy some test strips. They are less than $10 on Amazon…and I get a whopping forty cents in commish!

  10. My husband has a pre-employment drug screening – he stopped smoking 2 weeks ago. We needed something to Detox him, so I gave him my Lady Soma Detox pills to take – they are safe for men to use also! Not just for females, even though they are sold by a company that sells to females. Both the company and my doctor says they are safe for men to use also, because they are all natural.

    So, he took the Lady Soma Detox and went for his test this morning and passed 🙂 He also a whole gallon of water before the test. The Detox also made him lose weight and he looks great!

    Good Luck!

  11. This is so great I love it this guy has the math down I never fail I never know when I will take my test but never worry cause I drank the mix several times a week I am a sheet metal worker local 177 an let me tell ya it works for sure an he is right leave all that other shit alone!!!! Also he deserve some kind of credit give this man some hell he keeps ur job or gets you that job even helps keep your Po off your ass . I love my pot an he mad life better by letting weed stay around me thanks man you are the shit bro

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