Homeopathy to treat addiction

By Martha Jette

Martha Jette

Alternative medicines that fall under the moniker of homeopathy have been found effective in assisting people with various addictions.

Addiction is a brain disorder that occurs when there is an imbalance or dysfunction of the neurotransmitters. While the human body has about 130 of its own natural chemicals that enable you to function properly, the chemicals in drugs, alcohol and nicotine, when added into the mix get mistaken as bodily-produced chemicals.

As a result, when you quit consuming a particular chemical, the body craves it. From that point on, the body becomes addicted to it and wants more whether it is good for it or not.

Homeopathy consists of highly diluted remedies used to treat illness, as well as relieve discomfort due to specific health conditions. These can be particular helpful during what is known as the withdrawal period after certain chemicals are no longer put into the body.

When recommending a homeopathic medicine, a person’s physical, mental and emotional state is taken into consideration.

As an alternative to prescription drugs, these medicines can help addictive behavior by reducing a person’s underlying issues that spur them on to continue their destructive addiction. For instance, these issues may include emotional factors, food allergies, cravings and stress.

The homeopathic medicine is also designed to strengthen the immune system and help heal it. The added bonus is that unlike prescribed drugs, there are no side effects. It will take the body a bit longer to react however, so patience is key. It would also be helpful to use other non-prescription therapies alongside homeopathic treatment as well.

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