Bangari: The New Deal for Web Content Producers

By Kevin Leland

For Bangari Project Exodus

Bangari was founded as a true ‘co-op’ for Web content producers. I helped Mike Quoc start I was part of a group that included Sam Montana, Sara Valor, Jerry Walch, Clairsie Dotes, Sally Collins, Marie Coppola, Ngozi Nwabinelli, Sy, Dustin Labarge, and many others that contributed a great deal…to Mike Q’s shitty deal!

Everything in the ‘related articles’ below is true and accurate. This site started as a great thing. In the beginning, they shared 50% of the AdSense revenue. I put three years into it, because I was psyched about the potential of the site. After two years, I saw that I was scammed like a lot of the other people I just mentioned.

I stayed associated with it so I could figure out a way to destroy it from the inside. however, because Mike Quoc doesn’t trust anyone, because he is a swindler himself, I couldn’t get the monkey wrench I needed to throw in the works. Instead, I threatened to kick Mike Quoc’s ass (literally) which got my message across, and all my content along with my account was deleted. Although, I know it still remains for the search engines to see, but luckily, Google robots hold in as about as much esteem as everyone else who has been associated long enough with Mike Quoc and his scam. So, I’m free to rebuild and repost…At Bangari.

Now I want to kick Mike’s ass –figuratively…well, literally too…Let’s take his original good ideas, his fed-up contributors, and building a better site. I invite everyone who knows that Factoidz is a scam, and are looking to do better with their content, to repost here at Bangari. We are calling this ‘Project Exodus’

Check out Bangari. We don’t have an official TOS yet. We are new. Because we are a co-op, I want input from all the users, and we need to build the TOS together. I’ve invented a great payout system. When I was gung-ho about Factoidz, I almost gave Mike this algorithm, because I saw his own payout system change constantly, and contributors were getting upset. I had a few other ideas that I was careful not to share with him, after I began to suspect that he was a scammer.

Buzz it up -was a feature of Factoidz that I developed, that contributed greatly to it’s success. I have a different and better idea for a feature like this at Bangari. We could all benefit a great deal from moving and promoting our content. It’s all run it’s course at Factoidz…Freshen it up by reposting it and promoting it here at Bangari.

WordPress Rocks! I believe that this platform, here at WordPress, with it’s open-source, creative commons mentality is perfect for a successful career as a blogger. Coupled with the Freelancers ‘union mentality’ — KNOW YOUR VALUE! I think a multi-authored site, made up of the quality contributors like I’ve seen at Factoidz, where revenue is divided fairly, could be a huge success for all involved.

Sign up to follow Bangari. We are officially starting a recruitment drive now. Read up on what we’re up to. It’s not organized well yet, but all the info is here. Yes, it’s confusing! That’s why we need some smart people to help sort out and explain and organize this thing. We are lacking human resources! Poke around, stalk the site, figure it out, contribute ideas and content, help other newbies, and let’s make success the best revenge!

Factoidz Scam Content from around the Web:

Original announcement of Google algorithm change Feb, 2011 

Before you publish a single piece of content to a ‘content farm‘ you must understand why and how things have changed with Google’s opinion of this type of site. At Bangari, we need to be very careful to not to chase google algorithms and AdSense revenue. We need to put writers and readers first!

Factoidz and Ezine Articles SUCK!

I wrote this expose based on sources  really close to the founders, Mike Quoc and Chris Knight. When I posted this on Factoidz, it lasted three days and then was deleted, and I was busted from ‘staff’ to ‘writer.’ All my content was confiscated, and I received $0 for it. This has happened to many others who have done a lot less to provoke it. I had to threaten Mike Quoc with an ass-kicking before he finally closed it out and redirected all the links to his homepage…Google bots will be fixing that soon.

Why Factoidz is a scam site (by soni2006 at

This is a great article about why Factoidz is a scam. This was written by someone who was also a ‘big believer’ when they first started there. This is Mike Quoc’s modus operandi. It’s why the site is a successful ‘Ponzi Scheme‘ …he treats new writers really well, with proceeds stolen from ‘blackballed’ writers, generating fresh meat, new content, and rave reviews for Factoidz.

Factoidz Ponzi Scheme (This Site Taken)

This is the best explanation of Mike’s ‘Ponzi’ that I’ve read. It even explains what a Ponzi Scheme is, for those who are not familiar.

How Factoidz used to be

This is an article that explains it all. How it started, how it changed, why Mike Q is brilliant, how he is greedy, how he built something with great potential yet destroyed it long before anyone but Mike himself benefitted. I want to build the TOS for Bangari around this article. If we point out the ways that we are different from Factoidz, I think we will define our mission appropriately.


One response to “Bangari: The New Deal for Web Content Producers

  1. How did I win that $200 Amazon card that time. I was Buzzed Up or something and I got a $200 eCard for Amazon… remember Kevin? It was something to do with that Buzz it Up feature. I’ve never won anything like that again.


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