Obama, Steve Trombley and Vermont Planned Parenthood’s sex-ad campaign

By Kevin Leland
For Pro-life

Internet Advertising

This (image to the left) is a meme. There is no better way to spread ideas on the Internet, and in social circles, especially when they are good enough to “go viral.” A good meme has witty humor and usually, a corresponding photograph…sometimes the image inspires the slogan, sometimes it’s the other way around. By sharing this meme, I’m supporting Obama. You can share it too…just give credit.

What about Obama’s pro-choice agenda?

I am not just opposed to, but completely grossed out by abortion, and yes, I am painfully aware of the President’s pro-choice agenda. I’m praying for him to see it differently. As a die-hard-pro-lifer who carried a sign at the pro-life march on our state capital in Vermont, just last weekend, I’m sorry, I can’t believe that making abortion illegal is going to put an end to the abomination. It’s only going to cause black market clinics to spring up, leaving law enforcement to take up arms against abortionists, and label them the killers, that they technically are, and possibly cause civil war in the US –because as a nation we are so evenly divided and very passionate about this issue. It scares me. ‘Nuff said here, I plan on rolling out this topic on another post…

Stop abortion with conscience counseling

I believe in freedom of conscience. We all have free will, believers and unbelievers alike. If someone wants to make a very selfish decision, and rob our country of a fellow American, that just maybe might grow up to be the soldier who is going to put a bullet in the next terrorist leader that threatens American lives, or the doctor that saves your life with an expert surgery, then at least it should be an informed selfish decision. She should have to go to counseling that would include an ultrasound, and also educate the woman about the risks of  physical and psychological damage that can occur when a youthful, grave decision is regretted later in life. When I first moved to Vermont, two years ago, I counseled a woman out of an abortion. It gave me a feeling of purpose when divorce and the economy crash took away all the useful roles I’ve enjoyed for many years.

When I marched last weekend, at the Vermont Pro-Life Rally, I carried one end of a banner that said “abortion stops a beating heart.” That was so appropriate. I remembered being inspired to say these words to the woman that I had a quick opportunity to talk out of making an appointment to abort her baby, that day. This was a healthy, growing child that she had been carrying for over four months. I said:

You have had two ultra sounds. You have heard that baby’s heart beat. How can you stop that heartbeat, and make every angel in Heaven cry?

Slogans that save lives

Whatever it’s worth, I didn’t really come up with that line myself. It was inspired. It’s funny, because if the words I spoke were in a booklet of 100 lines to use to appeal to a pregnant woman’s conscience, and convince her not to follow through with killing her baby, there probably would have been 75 others that I would have chosen instead, especially because this woman I thought, was not a believer. But it was effective.  So, that’s one for the angels -whether you believe in them or not… This little girl, born the week of The Blessed Mother’s Birthday, is named after one woman, who many would agree, sings like an angel, and was also the  namesake of the Blessed Virgin — Mariah.

Welcome to our world of the post-born Mariah! I can’t wait to see what your life, that almost ended when it had just begun, turns out to be. I think you are going to be a singer, a rock star, an American soldier, a Mommy–among other honorable and wonderful things. While I’m taking the liberty of predicting your future:

There are going to be days when you wish you were never born, without even knowing how you almost weren’t. You are going to hurt people who you are supposed to love, without knowing how those who were supposed to love you almost had you killed. You will never reach your full potential. No one ever does. We are all supposed to pass from this life striving for it. I’m glad you are in our little race, Honey! You may never know how close you came to being eliminated at the starting gate. I’m not sure if all of what I said will come to be, I’m not prophesying, just predicting, but I know something that actually did happen, and you may not know it for sure until the end of a long, un-regrettable  life:

When your eyes opened to the light for the first time, and you let out that new-born cry, it sounded like a trumpet blast in Heaven and choirs of angels began to sing, your Heavenly Mother smiled, and the angels did cry after all — tears of joy!

Slogans that kill children

Jill Stanek spoke at the Vermont State Capital at the end of the march for life. She talked about her experience in Christ hospital in Chicago. She witnessed them practice a type of abortion there that is extra horrifying. She told this story:

A couple, both of them doctors, had decided not to take their son home from the hospital after he was delivered. About 19 weeks in, the couple was told that their baby boy would be born with spina bifida. After deliberating over the diagnosis, the couple decided to have their doctor induce labor, deliver the baby, wrap it in a blanket, and let it suffocate to death in the soiled linen closet. Baby’s that are just about to start their third trimester of development can breathe well enough to live if put in an incubator and given oxygen. Without this medical care, they take about 3 to 12 hours to die. They suffocate. Then, they get an American birth certificate and a American death certificate…So, as Neil Young said:

“That’s one more kid that’ll never go to school. Never get to fall in love, never get to be cool.”

I just visited Jill’s site, and found that Planned Parenthood is coming up with a campaign to drive more customers to their abortion mills.  These slogans use word play and humor called ‘double entrade’– after all, what youngster can’t relate to dead baby jokes —

PPNNE who created it, is calling it an “equally bold ad campaign” with the help of Spike Advertising. Don’t forget Planned Parenthood’s Vermont boss, Steve Trombley is the 5th highest paid Planned Parenthood affiliate CEO in the U.S. at ~$300K. They must drum up some business to cover his salary.

Here is a PPNNE sign on the side of a Vermont bus:

Here’s  more…

Go to Jill’s site by clicking her pic and bio below, and see if you can add to the growing numbers of slogans, a.k.a. “memes” to combat this expensive and destructive campaign that makes it seem easy and fun to kill your baby. Your wit and creativity with words can save lives!


4 responses to “Obama, Steve Trombley and Vermont Planned Parenthood’s sex-ad campaign

  1. Kevin,
    Well done. And honest. Hard to subscribe to your argument, however, that current law allowing human babies to be murdered is OK. Why not have another law that says it is OK to murder the guy down the street? That law would make it easier for law enforcement and our courts to focus on other matters (your argument). To be really honest, you must agree that your reasoning is too simple. Let’s just get down to the basic truth. “Abortion stops a beating heart”.

  2. Thanks Jerry,

    I’m not making an argument to give up on overturning Roe vs. Wade, and I’m not saying that making it illegal would waste too many law-enforcement resources. Of course: Abortion Stops a Beating Heart! I’m just trying to make my own response to this abomination simple. For me, I want to jump in and cure ‘life-blindess’ –leaving Roe vs. Wade to pro-life lawyers, and other bloggers who are working hard to stop the legal practice of abortion, while ‘seers’ take up the job of counseling and teaching those who can’t recognize human life in the pre-born stage…and stop actual abortions. I’m not even trying to say that one job is more important or effective than the other. Attacking this disgusting issue on all fronts is the way to go.

    My next post (started last night, almost done) will go deeper into it. It’s titled: Roe vs. Wade Overturned: What Next?

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