Atty. David Sleigh defending Christine Billis: VT Murder Trial

By Kevin Leland

deposition subpoena means that your sworn testimony will be taken during a phase of the trial process known as discovery, and will likely occur at a lawyer’s office. I got served a Subpoena today. I’ll be appearing at the Defender General’s office for a deposition to attend and give sworn testimony in the case:

State of Vermont vs. Christine Billis

I was served by Connie Keresey -VT Licensed Private Investigator , professional keeper of secrets, and GPS detractor.

Now there’s a job for me! Private Investigator: murder, conspiracy, tax fraud, infidelity, marital embezzlement, church embezzlement and serving subpoenas –while driving around the beautiful state of Vermont.

The subpoena was requested by the defendant’s attorney, David Sleigh.

Atty. David Sleigh

Sleigh & Gary: “Dave Sleigh’s creative tough courtroom style has garnered his clients successful outcomes. David has defended cases in many different courts in Vermont and around the country. He is an advocate for those whose voices have been silenced. An active defender of prisoner’s rights, he has represented inmates, locally, nationally and even in Guantanamo Bay.” Fly planes into buildings? Drive cars into trees? Atty. David Sleigh will defend you. I’m not being sarcastic, I’m just drawing a parallel between foreign and intimate terrorism.

According to WordPress Blogger and country lawyer, Laura Wilson, as posted on her blog, Life, Law, and Politics in the Northeast Kingdom, “Dave Sleigh and Dave Williams, her mentors, parted ways last year” she said that “this extraordinary and near-legendary Vermont law partnership had come to an end.”

Laura studied law as she worked as a clerk for these two lawyers. Vermont is one of few states that still allow someone like Laura to “read the law” -which means, you don’t have to attend law school. You work and self study, and then after four years of “clerk- ship” in a law office, and self study, you can take the bar exam and responsibility exams. If one passes, as Laura Wilson did (on her first try -Congrats Laura! ) one becomes a full-fledged lawyer. What a cool state Vermont is! Laura also advocates on zoning issues to keep Vermont a beautiful state.

Now there’s a job for me! Law clerk / country lawyer. I self studied and passed the Securities 7 exam (stock broker) on my first try. I bet I could nail the bar like she did. Seriously, I would love an opportunity like this. Hey Laura, you need a clerk? How ’bout you Mr. Illuzzi? I don’t have any other plans for the next four years!

Christine Billis

So, Chrissy Billis is taking her case to trial, consistent with every other important decision she has ever made. It never ceases to amaze me how selfish, rotten people ruin themselves, as much as they destroy other people’s lives. I’m glad there is no death penalty in Vermont. I hope she gets out of jail someday, and gets to celebrate her grand childrens’ birthdays…40th birthdays.

UPDATE: Christine Billis, through her lawyer, negotiated a plea bargain. She will serve 8-15 years for manslaughter.
To contact David Sleigh, click here: Sleigh Law Aggressive. Advocates

2 responses to “Atty. David Sleigh defending Christine Billis: VT Murder Trial

  1. Wow! Well done Kevin! Gee.. maybe you could study law like that and get to be a defender of people who drive into trees. :))

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