Jerry Walch Accuses Ex of Poisoning Their 10 Pets

By:  Kevin Leland

For:  Bangari Muckraking Content

The following statement was made by Jerry Walch on Wikinut:

My feelings about Wikileaks and the miscreants that operate that site, as well as for the scumbags that write for it, was made clear in what I had written. Another of my followers told me that I was being charitable when I called anyone that writes for Wikileaks traitors. He told me that they were terrorist just as much as the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11 and I agree with him. I have more respect for someone that will pick up a gun and try and take my freedom and the way of life from me than someone who tries to destroy it with a pen. I have more respect for them because they are at least willing to put themselves in harms way in their attempt to take away my freedom. Write for Wikileaks? I would love to take all the people on Wikileaks to East Texas, strip them naked, staked them out atop a fire ant hill and then sit back and watch them go insane as they die a slow, painful death from the venomous bites being inflicted upon them.

Jerry Walch

Jerry has some obvious anger management issues accompanied by violent fantasies, with some delusions of patriotic grandeur mixed in for good measure. My untrained guess is that his violent fantasies have replaced his sexual ones, since, as he told me, he suffers from severe erectile dysfunction, and while he was with his woman, unable to perform, he thought it was okay to do the ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover’ thing and let someone else do his ‘wet work.’ One of his first articles at Factoidz was about this. Jerry has made quite a bit of money from writing erotica, and from what he says, he was very good at this genre. Alas, you can’t shoot pool with a rope. So he has instead poured his writing skills into helping make that con artist, Mike Quoc of Knoji, formerly known as Factoidz, a butt-load of money, at the expense of the other contributors who were good, online friends to both of the back-stabbers.

Call me a muckraker, I’ll proudly tout that title. Jerry has strong opinions. So do I. The difference between us, is that I completely understand the old adage: “ opinions are like assholes; everyone has got one, and they all stink!” Recently, Jerry decided to share with me his opinion of my life, when he summed it up as “sad, sick and amusing.” He should talk. Now, the gloves come off.

Jerry wants to torture people to death for exercising their American right to speak out against and write about social justice issues, in whatever style suits them. He wants to call them ‘Yellow Journalists.’ He wants to call them muckrakers –like that’s a bad thing. Personally, I would never leak the government military secrets that I was entrusted to keep when I served.  I love my country,  and I think Jerry does too. But, leak the details of a juicy and tragic story, Jerry Walch told me himself, in writing, deposited in my email? I got no problem with that! Especially if it gets to the bottom of what really happened, and helps bring about some justice.

I may be guilty in Jerry’s eyes, of bringing a pen to a gun fight. Oh well. I’m sure he doesn’t know that as I sit here in a coffee shop nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont, busting Jerry’s balls with my pen, ‘leaking’ information he freely gave me, that I’m sure he’ll consider a major intrusion of his privacy, I have a .357  Smith & Wesson revolver tucked in my waist band…I’m ready to defend myself, and that cute college girl working behind the counter, from someone like Jerry who may someday act out, as some people from Colorado, with violent fantasies, sometimes do.

I’m unable to fantasize about violence, because the reality of my sad, sick and amusing life is that I’ve been balls-deep in real life violence for way too many years now. I’ve had to keep company with murderers, and managed so far, by the grace of God, to keep blood off my own hands, and not get dead [sic] myself. I’ve prevented a murder or two, and brought to justice, some who have murdered others: See Chrissy Billis: The OKCupid Killer. I’m not looking for a medal. I’m just looking for a readership. Like any good ‘yellow journalist’ I admit, I am trying to scare people. Why? Because a little dose of fear can raise a person’s awareness of real danger, and subsequently preserve their lives and thwart violence. People can’t heed the warning signs if they don’t recognize them.

If you are in an abusive relationship, with a person capable of off-the-charts cruelty, like the kind Jerry told me he suffered, your chances of being murdered in an intimacy crime — are not so slim. If your significant other is telling you and others that they want you dead, are thinking and fantasizing about murdering you, and go so far as to describe how they would do it  –plan your escape and flee. Your chances of being the dead victim of an intimacy crime, again –not so slim.

This investigative piece I’m posting here is all about Jerry Walch, and one of the most disturbing cases of animal abuse and human cruelty that I’ve ever heard. Or, we may find out that it’s just a terrible case of vengeance on Jerry’s part, against his ex, via slander and libel, with threats of yellow journalism and the muckraking that he so openly despises.

Rat Poison

Jerry told me a sad, sick and not at all amusing story about how his wife decided to end their relationship. I’m starting with his side of the story, not out of respect for our former online friendship, but because it’s the side of the story that I don’t need to do anything to investigate, other than dig our correspondence out of my email and post it here:


Good morning Kevin,

Yes, I sold everything that I had in New York and moved to Colorado. The woman that I was married to, the one whom I had thought loved me and my furry companions as much as we loved her turned out to be a real bitch. She waited until she knew I was  going to be gone on business for a couple of days and then murdered my seven cats and three dogs. I came home to find them lying dead throughout the house and the bitch gone–which was a good thing because I would have killed her if she had still been there. I will never go back to the Albany area because I might still break her fucking neck if I ran into the bitch on the street. I have no idea why she did what she did but if her intentions were to hurt me as deeply as humanly possible, she accomplished that when she killed my furry companions

I know nothing about Google Panda or any changes taking place with Google Panda, but I’m willing to listen to what you have to say. I haven’t been a Mike Quoc confident for nearly two years now, so I’m really not privy as to what is going on behind the scenes at Factoidz. What I do know is that my income from Factoidz has dropped by 50 percent over the last year both my performance bonuses and article view pay. So, yes, I’m interested in learning more about what you have to say about this Google thing or whatever it is that you are involved in.

Take care
Your friend and fellow writer

Hi Jerry,

I don’t know what to say. A million things are running through my mind. When I sort them out, I’ll talk to you in a rational way. That is hard to do when talking about justice after such a horrific crime against love, a lover, and innocent loving animals.

All I want to say for now is I am very sorry. I’ll pray for you to get your strength to cope, directly from God.

One other thing: I will help you and those poor animals get justice in this situation. I promise. If you think that I’m just talking shit…Google “Chrissy Billis OKCupid killer” That’s a bitch I put in jail, hopefully for life, for the first degree murder of her poor, blind husband. I’ve been doing some amateur investigator work since getting robbed of everything I own, and booted out of the life of just about everyone I ever loved with all my heart.

The justice by proxy thing is deeply satisfying for me, even if there isn’t any money in it…

Peace, and God bless you!


P.S. Please consider telling this story, in all its gory detail, in a way only you can. We could post it on the blog that I’ve allocated for this type of thing…exposing fucking douche bags for what they are. I know it would be the most difficult piece you ever wrote, but it would be an important first step to getting justice. I know some reporters from New England Cable News, and I’m sure that they would pick up this story off the blog.

Howdy Kevin,

I’ll write about it 6 months from now or a year from now, but I can’t right now. I’m still too angry, too filled with hate. A friend of mine with the Sheriff’s Department that works with the Humane Society, went after her, but her doctor claimed that she suffered a lapse of memory and forgot that she left the rat poison out where they could get in it. Furthermore the doctor said that she left before I came back because she was afraid of what I would do to her. I didn’t even have any rat poison in the house because with seven cats I didn’t have any mice or rats.

I went out to the skeet range a couple of days ago and had a perfect kill ratio–100 for 100. How did I do that at my age? Every clay pigeon looked like her face to me.


Now, the side of the story I need to investigate is his ex-wife’s. Did she really brutally poison to death those poor animals? Was it in fact an accident? If it was done purposely, why was she not prosecuted? Is poor Jilted Jerry just writing fiction, and peddling it as the truth for revenge — instead of acting out on his violent fantasies of blasting his ex in the face with a shotgun?

Please comment and/or sign up to follow for the next article in this series that will hopefully answer these questions. Maybe this story will play itself out without me having to write it. A fact Jerry seems to ignore in his lessons about the history of ‘Yellow Journalism’ is that in the present, online journalism can be updated instantly. People whom the stories are about can speak out and defend themselves, or stand convicted, at least in the court of public opinion. I’ll allow Jerry and his ex to say anything they wish in the defense of their character or misunderstood, or misstated words and actions.


One response to “Jerry Walch Accuses Ex of Poisoning Their 10 Pets

  1. I’ve seen this miscreant on various sites; and he’s very very sick, He’s an old impotent man who likes to threaten people. He’s the major Factoidz, now Knoji Shill. If you write anything against Knoji, that old boy will log in as a guest and leave nasty post after post attacking you. He’s very sick. For him the Internet is a psychodrama.

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