Happy Birthday Mother Mary!

Ave Maria! Happy Birthday Mother!

I share my birthday –September 8 th, with the Blessed Mother Mary. I like that about my birthday. I’m 45 today. That’s probably about how old Mary was when her Divine Son began his ministry, and at His mother’s request, turned water into wine at the wedding feast in Cana. Here is a tribute I found online by a blogging priest:

The universal Church celebrates September 8th in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday. This is an excellent opportunity for each one of us to do something to show our love and appreciation for the Mother of God and our spiritual Mother. From all eternity, God in his infinite wisdom decreed that Mary would be the Mother of our Lord, Jesus Christ. She was with Jesus at all of the important moments throughout his life from the Incarnation, to his death on the cross. Before our Savior died He gave his Mother to each one of us in giving her to his beloved disciple, St. John.

This September 8th let’s thank God our Father for his beloved Daughter; thank Jesus for his Mother, full of grace; and thank the Holy Spirit for his immaculate Spouse, our Mother Mary. Offer a Rosary in thanksgiving to God for the gift of his own Mother as our Mother. Tell your Mother you love her, and most of all follow her example of holiness, humility, and perfect fidelity to Jesus and his teaching.

Happy birthday Mother, from all of your children still trying to fight the good fight and run the race to the finish line. We love you and ask you to intercede for each one of us with Jesus your Son. Keep us safe in the enclosed garden of your Immaculate Heart. Protect us from the wiles of the Devil. Lead us safely home to Heaven, to be with you, the most holy Trinity, and all of the angels and saints. Pray for us sinners, dear Mother, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Fr. John Corapi

And, in Italian:

Compleanno della madre felice, di tutti i tuoi figli ancora cercando di combattere la buona battaglia ed eseguire la corsa verso il traguardo. Vi vogliamo bene e vi chiedo di intercedere per ognuno di noi con Gesù tuo Figlio. Tenere al sicuro nel giardino recintato di tuo Cuore Immacolato. Proteggici dalle insidie ​​del diavolo. Guidaci tranquillamente a casa in Paradiso, per essere con voi, la santissima Trinità, e tutti gli angeli ei santi. Prega per noi peccatori, cara Madre, adesso e nell’ora della nostra morte. Amen.


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Mother Mary!

  1. You are blessed to share a birthday with Our Lady!

  2. Yes, That’s going to be one special celebration when I have my first birthday in Heaven, along with her 20??…!!

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