What Did the Leper Say to the Prostitute?

by Kevin Leland (a very amateur comedian)

It’s a commonly held belief that a joke isn’t funny when you have to explain it. But, in this case, with a sweet-heart red-head who is much more innocent and cute than she is quick on the uptake, especially when it comes to jokes and word play, the joke was made much funnier, as it lent itself to situation comedy, while it got dragged out with the explanation:

Art By Levi Leland

Art By Levi Leland

Joke Teller: What did the leper say to the prostitute?

Red Head: I dunno, what?

Joke Teller: Keep the tip. *a very amateur comedian, laughs hard at his own joke.*

Red Head: *Politely laughs along, but clearly, did not get the joke*

Joke Teller: Get it?

Red Head: Yeah. What did the leopard say to the prostitute? I get it.

Joke Teller: No. Not a leopard, like the animal that runs fast. A leper, like a person with that disease from Biblical times. Have you ever heard of leprosy?

Red Head: No.

Joke Teller: Well it’s a disease where the person kinda rots to death, while alive, and parts of their body fall off, like their nose, fingers, toes…see where I’m going with this?

Red Head: No.

Joke Teller: Okay. Let me explain from the beginning, because this joke is funny on a few levels. First of all, it’s a play on words. When you pay someone for a service, that you really enjoyed, and that server did an extra good job, going above and beyond normal expectations, you give them more money for that service than was originally agreed upon, and then you say ‘keep the change’ or, in this case, ‘keep the tip.’ See? It’s a play on words. Now it’s kinda funny in the first place that a prostitute would take on a leper as a customer, because not only does that disease horribly disfigure the person, like, worse than a zombie, it’s also very contagious. That’s why they used to have leper colonies, and quarantined them. Have you ever heard of quarantine?

Red Head: No

Joke Teller: Nevermind. So do you get it now? What did the leper say to the prostitute?

Red Head: *blank stare with embarrassed smile*

Joke Teller: Keep the tip!

Red Head: *blank stare with fading embarrassed smile*

Joke Teller: Ya know? Like instead of, ‘keep the extra payment,’ keep the ‘tip’ of his…penis?

Red Head: Oh. Ewww.


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