How to Murder Your Spouse, and Get Away With It -By Johnny Spade

This is a repost of an article found here: LawyersAnd I’ve included my response below the repost.

November 26th, 2012. By johnnyspade

Best Dating Advice for Online Dating, When it Comes to Murder, Mums the word

If you’re reading this, you’re about to get the best “how-to” tip for creating a successful dating profile on the top dating websites. You ready? Here it is: don’t tell prospective dates that you killed your husband. That kind of info probably won’t land Mr. Dreamboat. But you should probably have a little more background on this one, so read on…

See there’s this woman from Vermont—Christine Billis—who, back in 2009, was in an awful car accident. She was driving and her husband, Charles Billis, was in the front passenger seat. Christine apparently had her seat belt on; Charles did not.

The accident occurred on Route 5A in Charleston, VT. Christine, at the wheel of the car, drove the car into a tree. She survived, her husband did not.

At first, it appeared to be just an awful accident. After all, what else could it have been?

Life went on and Christine must’ve felt it was time to get back into the game of love, so, she joined the online dating website, OKCupid. (Note for those who care, calls it the ‘best free dating site on the Web) Hey, Christine knows how to pick ‘em.

Ahh, but she did not know how to pick her guy. Heck, who does when just about anyone can create a glowing, attractive profile online, right? Everyone’s so beaauutiful and successful there…

Well, Christine fell—hook, line and sinker apparently as she felt super-comfortable letting it rip with one particular suitor. That would be Kevin Leland. She trusted Kevin for sure—otherwise she wouldn’t have told him (in Leland’s words, according to a report on, “I killed him. I drove him into the tree on purpose. I did it on purpose.”

Christine, Christine, what were you thinking? Didn’t you know that Rule #1 in dating—especially online dating—is don’t reveal everything? You know, a little mystery is sexy—that sort of thing?

Well, reveal she did. And then Kevin did a little revealing himself. To the local police!

Sidenote: Kevin, our seemingly angelic tattletale, was caught at a later date at the border with a gun and drugs, according to a report by Earth to Christine…

Oh, should mention, too that Kevin started blogging about his new ‘police informant’ role as well—the pic of Christine Billis above is from his blog.

Long story short—and fast-forward—Christine was charged with first-degree murder. The charges were ultimately reduced after a plea bargain deal for manslaughter, for which Billis has now been sentenced to 7 – 15 years in prison. Moral of story: if you’re going to commit murder, don’t share that little tidbit with your online dating connections.

Aside from the fact that Christine is living proof of the dangers of feeling too comfortable online with people you don’t know, and aside from the fact that a man was killed, reports indicate that the reason Christine Billis took her husband’s life was because she suffered from his mental and verbal abuse.

Abuse of any kind is serious—but killing someone is not usually the way to go unless, one could imagine, it’s truly in self-defense. Any woman (or man) who is suffering from abuse by a spouse or partner should contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233) or visit You can also visit

This article appeared on this site:

Here is my response, that was not posted. I figure if he wants to respond, he can respond here at my site:

Hey Johnnyspade! It’s Kevin Leland, the gun toting, drug trafficking, angelic tattletale. Nice try with this story. The thing is, if you want to do a better job, at least try to interview the people involved. I would have gladly talked to you, especially now that her case is done -and so is mine. I got misdemeanor possession (carrying an old, expired, narcotic painkiller script in a bottle mislabeled, but with my name, of prescription ibuprofen.) The gun? That’s quite legal in Vermont. I always carry a gun. Not just for self-defense  but also for alter ego defense, e.g.; in case some madman, in my presence,  tries to shoot up a town meeting and a Congresswoman or a school and a bunch of kids. Incidentally, I think Zimmerman was a douche. I would have pulled my gun, but never would have pulled the trigger in that same situation. At this time, Chrissy and some of her fuck-buddies had threatened my life. I wasn’t just paranoid about some delusional threats, this was the real deal.  See, the story was more like this:

I met Chrissy on OKCupid, yes, an awesome, free dating site. I think (still) that the Internet is a great way to meet people. Even though, as you recommend that they should, many people, like Chrissy, misrepresent themselves. I don’t think the Internet affords them any more opportunity to do that than in real life. I’ve met some women as whacked as this bitch, and as dishonest about their underlying creepiness,  in the flesh, one actually at a church Bible study. When they do this, online, in writing, I think you find out easier and faster that they are not what they present themselves to be… Or, maybe I’m just getting better at discernment, and psyche profiling after two marriages to spazoids like Chrissy, who turned out to be lying about themselves, and harboring tons of dark secrets. It took years to flush out the truth with them. With Chrissy, it just took a few IMs and a couple phone calls.

Before we even met in person, on the phone, she remorsefully confessed to murdering her husband… I think more of a ‘Tell-Tale Heart’ thing than an ‘I love you so much, I trust you with my deepest darkest secrets’ thing. But of course, I agree, that was bizarre. So there an then, she made me, against my will, a witness to her serious crime. She told me, without details, that she and her girls were abused. I agreed to meet her, for a few reasons other than that I can go for the kind of woman who would off some asshole who abused her and her children. However, after meeting her, I found out that her husband was not abusive. She was.

In the span of about eight weeks of a strictly platonic relationship, she regretted confessing to me, and then threatened to kill me if I ever told on her. At that point, I went homicidal myself, and I contemplated a pre-emptive strike. As you can imagine, I was very pissed, because I befriended her and her kids and tried to help them…no good deed goes unpunished, right? But, I thought her poor kids suffered enough violence and death at this point, so decided to forego the idea of slipping an IED under her seat, and another under the seat of the guy she conspired with in making those threats against my life, and blasting both their fat asses through the tops of their heads. Instead, I played a proud and important role in helping the VT State Police get evidence to bring her to justice, while keeping her kids safe -the compassionate, legal, Vermont (no death penalty), American way. Although being a ‘tattle-tale’ put me in more danger than just being a witness who had never threatened to tell, I was not disappointed, and I have no regrets. Even when misinformed dipshits like you, Johnny, try to portray me as some sort of weasel for volunteering to help law enforcement in this case.

I learned a great deal about how our justice system works, and about the true, compassionate and fair professionals that make it work, and I’m impressed and proud of them all, from her attorney, David Sleigh, to the State’s attorney, Alan Franklin, (who charged and fairly convicted me in my own wrongdoing) to Detective Annis, who worked the case, with more grace and care for all involved than you find with some Pastors. So I agree with you, and the Judge that sentenced her. Killing is not the way to go, sometimes, like in my case, even when it is truly in self defense. Or in Zimmerman’s case, where it ‘appears’ to be in self defense. We have a right to defend ourselves, with deadly force if necessary, when our lives are threatened. However, we also have a responsibility, if we have any reverence for God, and / or respect for human life, to safely retreat if possible.

I appreciate that you included it in your article, that anyone subjected to severe domestic violence, male or female, should seek help in order to retreat from the situation before escalating the violence. Her husband, tried to reach out, but being male, I don’t think he was quite as able to find any, as a female would have been under the same circumstances. Did you know that he was blind and therefore disabled, and quite vulnerable?

There are a lot more weird circumstances to this very strange story. Discovery ID will be coming out with a show about it in late fall, and I’m about halfway through writing a story detailing the experience. Johnny, as a guy who writes for a ‘legal site’ you should watch how you try to label a person who is on the side of our justice system, even if once in a while they find themselves on the wrong side of it. Our law enforcement and justice systems can’t work if witnesses are threatened, or stigmatized as ‘rats’ or ‘tattletales’ for coming forward with evidence. Your article sounds as if Chrissy wasn’t wrong for murdering her spouse in cold, premeditated blood, and her only mistake was ratting herself out to me, a ‘Judas’ who betrayed her. It’s like you are giving instructions on how to get away with mariticide, and how to find and marry your next victim. What if it was your brother who was driven into that tree by your sister-in-law? As a writer in general, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. I do some commercial writing too. So, I know the purpose of that piece was just for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the site, LawyersAnd, is only trying to make Pay per Click advertising revenue. But still, when your writing involves real people, try a little harder to get more facts before you tell the story. No hard feelings -though that could change depending how you respond to my comment. Peace.



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