Celibacy Writers Wanted

If you found this site, BangariContentGallery.com by asking a search engine one of the following questions:

Can You Be a Born Again Virgin?

How does the Bible define celibacy?

How can I be intimate without sex in a Christian relationship?

Online relationships: Must romance always involve sex?

We have posted some answers to these questions. It is BangariContentGallery.com’s most popular subject, next to our drug detox recipe. We are looking for much more content on this ‘long tail’ topic. After practicing celibacy myself, for over four years, I’m just about ready to get down and…post some anecdotes on the topic myself! What did you think I was going to say?

If you searched for this topic, then it must be important to you. You must have some concern for obeying God’s rules of sexuality, in a world where even a good, well, bad number of Pastors and religious leaders do not. I’ve even heard of some preachers teaching that sex outside of marriage is okay. It is not. Not as far as God is concerned, as he teaches us in scripture.

If you have some writing ability -doesn’t have to be a lot of ability- we can edit and post your info on this important topic. We can pay you up to $1.50 per 1,000 views.  In the meantime, if you write just to help your fellow human being, and spread the Gospel, let that be its own reward. Seek first the Kingdom of God. The rest will follow. Right?

Click here to get signed up to contribute posts on this topic:

Celibate Writers Wanted

To read “Celibacy Stories” Click the image below:

Celibacy Stories 2014-02-24_2305


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