Scott Sonnon Simplifies: Whole Person Fitness

I feel like a hypocrite by posting a fitness article. I can barely remember the last time I did a push-up. It’s been months. In my own defense, I’ll say that I was in a bad car accident, and after this tractor trailer truck rear-ended us, hard, I’ve been real achy. The first week, I could hardly move. After six to eight weeks, I felt better. Now at week 12, the problem is, I guess, a kind of atrophy.

at·ro·phy  (tr-f)

n. pl. at·ro·phies

1. Pathology A wasting or decrease in size of a body organ, tissue, or part owing to disease, injury, or lack of use: muscular atrophy of a person affected with paralysis.

2. A wasting away, deterioration, or diminution: intellectual atrophy.

v. at·ro·phied, at·ro·phy·ing, at·ro·phies


This morning I woke up, like every other morning over the last month, with a bad case of couchpotatoitis.

couch·po·ta·to·i·tis (cowch – p- t-to i’ -tis)

n. sing.

1. Pathology Pain and discomfort associated with sedentary lifestyle, lack of movement of joints, that culminates in the onset of muscle atrophy.

But something different happened this morning. When I checked facebook, I found an update by Scott Sonnon. He is a fitness guru that I follow. He has great credentials and awards. Beyond that, he has a deep understanding of the ‘whole person’ fitness concept. Most of his advice includes important information about how to keep your mind, spirit and soul in tip top shape, along with your body. Most people think that your soul can’t have ‘six-pack-abs.’ But it can, and it should. Although the training regimen differs for spirit and soul. It ties in tightly to physical fitness, however, as he explains so simply in this post, the training required for mental fitness is the opposite of what is required for physical fitness. Here is what he says, regarding diet, exercise and mind health:

Only movement delivers your food and water. You can have the best nutrition in the world, but if you don’t wiggle each joint through its full range daily, the tissues which need it most remain starved to death.

  • Move every joint in the morning and at night for your tissue and organs.

  • Get out of breath once a day for your lungs and heart.

  • Lift something heavy a couple times per week for your bones.

  • Meditate and pray at least once a day because the mind is the one thing that requires stillness for optimal function.

scott sonnon 2013-07-28_0802

Scott Sonnon

This simple wisdom is the inspiration I need! Thanks Scott! I’m going to post this on my blog. I’m going to eat a bowl of oatmeal. I’m going to mass to pray and sing and receive communion. Then, when I get home, I’m going to stretch and do some much needed flexibility exercises. Then I’m going to tackle a light calisthenics routine. Hopefully this will be the kick-off to hitting the weights and sticking to a good balanced, diet, exercise, meditation routine that will cure my couchpotatoitis.


3 responses to “Scott Sonnon Simplifies: Whole Person Fitness

  1. I’m sorry to hear you were hit. I know that I haven’t heard hide nor hair from you in about a year. Good teaching article. I had gangrene in my gallbladder almost a year ago and had to have emergency surgery. I’m doing good now and walking about a mile and a half a day. I split it up into 1/2 mile increments per day.

  2. Yeah, I know, I’m sorry. I was in North Dakota trying to make a living in the brick and mortar world. Seems that is just as impossible as it is online! lol. It’s great to be back in touch! I’m also glad that it seems your health is better than last time we talked! Are you still struggling with the conversion disorder?

    • Yes, I am… but the doctor sent me to a neurologist because now I have signs of dementia. I have episodes of global amnesia where I forget where I am. I forget the year, month and day. I can’t drive alone because I will forget where I’m going and not know how to get home, because nothing looks familiar.

      I had a 30 minute EEG and that was okay… so I had an ambulatory EEG that lasted 48 hours and I get the verdict on that on August 9.

      My MRI shows brain shrinkage. He said my brain is like that of someone older than myself… but that in and of itself isn’t necessarily indicative of disease.

      I don’t have Alzheimer’s . I passed that test, but have signs of moderate dementia…

      So now we are wondering if maybe seizures are causing my speech problems.

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