Vermont State Trooper Physical Fitness Exam Training

VSP patch 2013-07-28_1813By Kevin Leland

I am currently training for the Vermont State Trooper physical exam. My goal is to increase my physical strength and endurance, and decrease my BMI to a point where I would score ‘Superior’ in all categories. If I fall short of that lofty goal, I’m hoping to do well enough to grab 15 points for an overall ‘superior’ rating on this test.

To challenge myself a bit more, I’m shooting for a ‘superior’ score in the age range of men who are 20 to 29 years old. I am smack-dab in the middle, okay, maybe a little past, the age range of 40 to 49 years.

Now, all residents of the great State of Vermont, inhale deeply. There. Hold it for a second… That’s it. Now let it out in a big, sigh of relief. Because, I’m not actually planning on becoming a Vermont State Trooper. I admire those guys and gals. From what I’ve seen, they have integrity. So, in order to become a member of their group, a potential candidate needs to have integrity.

I’m not saying that I don’t have integrity. I like to think I do, by it’s definition:

integrity 2013-07-28_1612

In this situation, it is more a matter of ethics. Another definition, especially 2.:

ethical definition 2013-07-28_1614

Being a State Trooper is a profession. There are ethics to that profession in law enforcement, that apply in particular to these professionals. Like the example in the definition above; it might once have been considered unethical for a doctor (or lawyer) to advertise. That doesn’t mean it is wrong, or immoral for a plumber to advertise.

Cut to the chase: You have to never  have been convicted of a felony (I haven’t) …But they also require that you have not committed any crimes; felonies or misdemeanors, for a period of one year prior to applying. This is the purpose of the polygraph. They will ask you about even minor, misdemeanor activity, in the past year. If you let your son drink a beer with you on his 18th birthday: Disqualified. This scenario, to most of us civilians, and I’m sure, even to most VSTs, doesn’t make you a bad citizen. It just makes you an unqualified candidate for a law enforcement professional. It would be unethical to be put in a position where you may need to arrest a fellow Vermont resident, for committing a crime you are guilty of committing yourself a few months prior. Fair enough?

I think so.

In order to be clear to apply, after getting myself in tip top shape for the physical, which I estimate should take me about 12 weeks from the point I am at now, am I going to try my darndest to remain completely crime free for a period of one year?

I think not.

I don’t think I’ve ever been a year without committing some sort of minor crime, even when I was in the military. I think the time I was in bootcamp was my longest  stretch of exceptionally good behavior. I think most of us, if wired to a polygraph, would have a tough time overcoming this obstacle. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Does it make you feel sneaky? O, those of you with squeaky clean BCIs, how many undetected crimes have you committed in the past year?

For me, I am going to have a hard time with the run and the body fat. At the moment, I’m 175 pounds at only 5’ 7” To be at 8.7% BMI, I think I would have to weigh about the same as I did when I was twenty, and in the Navy: 135 pounds. They do this test with calipers, and it’s not just a ‘height : weight’ ratio. I’ve always been a lousy runner, however, when I was on the USS Orion, stationed in Italy, I won an ‘Iron Man’ award. This was a physical fitness test, much like the VSP PT test. I trained for it by running every other day. I’m always surprised at how fast my running game improves when I work at it steadily.

During the week of this post, I’ll log my starting points. I’ll post my progress every three weeks.

chart fit 2013-07-28_1821

For those taking the exam to actually apply for Vermont State Trooper, good luck! You’ll be joining a group of good people. I’ll post the link to the overall requirements below. If anyone would like a workout partner, hit me up! I promise not to be a bad influence on you, and lead you into temptation to commit any crimes. By the way, in order to receive extra points (up to a max of 15) and score an overall ‘superior’ on this physical test, you need to score superior on the run. Of the other five categories, you need to score superior in three, and at least good in the other two.

To find out all about the application process, and if and when the VSP are hiring, click here: Qualifications to apply for Vermont State Trooper

For training progress reports, click below:

Training Day #1: Running Sucks!



4 responses to “Vermont State Trooper Physical Fitness Exam Training

  1. I admire your ambition to get into shape. I think you might make a good bounty hunter. It’s a good job and pays well. You might get your own TV show like Dog The Bounty Hunter did.

  2. I think I’ll get right on that, Charlene, as soon as I’m done being a fugitive! lol

  3. To my athletic nephew Luke: How should I train to be able to get my run as close to that superior time as possible? (for an overweight old guy) – I don’t even know my starting point…but I just dished out $50 on running shoes…so now I’m committed! Help!

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