Training Day #1

This is an update to my Vermont State Trooper Physical Fitness Test Training article.

I don’t plan to write about every day of training, but I thought I would about the first.

It sucked.

I ran. Running sucks. I hate it.

Because I’m overweight, the inside of my thighs rub together, so they are chaffed now, which I deserve, because I’ve made fun of overweight people whose thighs rub together. I spent $50, that I can’t afford, on a new pair of running shoes, because I couldn’t find any my size, in two different thrift stores. No, I don’t worry about wearing some stranger’s shoes. However, strangers should worry about wearing mine. Thankfully, ‘athletes foot’ is the only chronic and communicable health disorder I caught as a young man in the Navy.

Upon the advice of my nephew, a star athlete and an excellent runner, I worked on my ‘pace.’

I set my sights on running one, quarter mile lap -pretty much as fast as I could without sprinting. My time was 1:44. That’s one minute and forty-four seconds. Now if my math is correct, and hypothetically, I could keep that pace up for five more laps, running a full 1.5 miles, then:

1.44 x 6 = 8.64

So, I would be right ‘on track’ for a ‘superior’ running  time of 9:45 …

However, that math is not correct. It’s completely wrong. See, I didn’t convert the seconds into fractions of a minute before the multiplication process. This is common mistake, even for high school graduates. So, after converting 44 seconds into a fraction of a minute by dividing it by 60, I get…. .73….Crap! I liked the wrong math better.

1.73 x 6 = 10.38 (.38 x 60 =23)

So my time would actually be 10:23…That’s ten minutes and twenty three seconds. I need to shave 38 seconds, or about 6 seconds off each lap.

I ran more, and walked a lot in between. I did the whole mile and a half. My plan is to nail the pace on the first lap at 1 min 38 sec, and then try to go further and further, by a half a lap each time until I can do six laps. I wish I timed my other laps, but I didn’t realize until after, how the stop watch app I got for my phone, times laps.

English: A stopwatch is a hand-held timepiece ...

English: A stopwatch is a hand-held timepiece designed to measure the amount of time elapsed from a particular time when activated to when the piece is deactivated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will say this: After I got done, and my calves were twitching, and my lungs were burning, and I was sweaty and out of breath, and had a nice, cool-down walk to the car, I looked back on my first training day and thought -running sucks!

Running still sucks, but I knocked 14 seconds off my 1/4 mile. I did the firt lap (3 days after training day #1) in 1:30…

I ran / walked the next three laps at an average of 2:32 each. Then my friggin’ smart phone / stop watch battery died. I walked two more laps and ran the last leg of the last lap.

Last night I did pushups. I stay on pushups, even when I don’t train, but haven’t done a single one in almost a month. I banged out 53 total, in one minute. I’m already ‘superior’ for a 20-30 year old Vermont State Trooper Candidate in that category. My BMI might not be as bad as I thought. I plan to do a proper caliper test soon.

VT State Trooper Fitness Exam


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