The Problem With Reincarnation and The Glory of Resurrection

By: Kevin Leland

Book of Job, Chapter 19: 25-27

Job 2013-07-31_1930

I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth. And after my skin has rotted off my bones, still, in my flesh I will see God; I myself will see him with my own eyes –I, and not another. How my heart yearns within me!

-St. Job

Here is a very pointed comment, made by an Old Testament Saint, and personal hero of mine. He prophesies about how we live again after death and decay. Not in the ethereal way that the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses perceive it, but with our own, actual flesh put back on our bones. This was spoken about by Job, who some say lived around the time of Noah. He may have come later than that, but anyway, it is a very early telling of the resurrection, that centuries later, at the time of Jesus’ Earthly ministry, still wasn’t quite fully understood. Pharisees thought it was much like Jesus taught, and later proved: A bodily resurrection. Sadducees saw it as a continued existence in an interactive, dream-like state…a spirit and soul in the Bosom of Abraham. Some Jews thought: Worm food. The End! I.e.; oblivion.

Reincarnation is a popular life-after-death theory, even now, in the 21st Century. Why? Because many people have trouble with basic logic. If you think about it logically, then Job explained best how it is impossible. In his short statement, in just one little part, he’s got: my, I, I, myself, my own, –I, and not another. When you refer to yourself, what do you mean by ‘me?’ ‘my self?’ ‘I?’ You are referring to your body, soul and spirit. This ‘all of you’ contains your own flesh and DNA, with your experiences, emotions, memories of and connections to others, let’s call this part of you; your ‘soul.’ Your ‘spirit’ I think is what connects it all together and connects this ‘you’ to your Creator.

So, the impossibility of reincarnation, the contradiction in terms, the logical paradox, right there within the statement: ‘I will be reincarnated’ is that if I don’t take my body, spirit and soul with me, into this next life, I can’t say ‘I am living again.’ It’s not ‘my’ life. I can’t be identified as ‘me.’ If I am reincarnated as a human being, when in my former life I was a dog, how is it the same ‘me’ living again? Even if after I got hit by a car, I am reborn as a human -real boy, to the same family that kept me as a pet Shih Tzu named Pinocchio, what good is it if I don’t remember them, and the experiences I had and love I shared with them as their former, furry companion?

A resurrection on the other hand, like Job preaches, and Jesus Christ exemplified, shows us that the whole of us; body, soul and spirit, with all our memories (except maybe the bad ones) our personalities, and that part of us that is connected to our Creator, all comes to be again –fully intact. More than intact really, because we will be ‘glorified.’ That means, our glorified bodies can’t get sick or die, our glorified personalities continue on without sinful urges, behaviors or actions, and maybe when God wipes away the tears of regret and sadness from our eyes, due to our painful memories, He wipes away those memories along with the tears. Our spirits will be Glorified in such a way it will be more than just a connection to God, our glorified spirits will enable the whole of the resurrected us to stand in front of Him…touch Him even –without being vaporized to smithereens.

Resurrection can beat up reincarnation any day of the week. Even in Buddhist teachings, literal reincarnation is a misconception. The example of a human being, reincarnated as an animal in the next life, was meant figuratively. It was an admonishment: If as a human being, you behave like an animal, you will become an animal. If you stop thinking and behaving like an animal, you can be ‘reborn’ as a person –whom someone like Jesus wouldn’t mind hanging out with for eternity, so on the Last Day, he will resurrect you, bodily, to eternal life.


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6 responses to “The Problem With Reincarnation and The Glory of Resurrection

  1. Thanks for this teaching article.

  2. Were you offended by the Pinocchio quip? lol I like to slip in off color humor, even in the middle of serious topics.

  3. I understand your thoughts on the subject, however there is a missing element which I think explains your perception. Those who believe in reincarnation do not cling to being reborn within this ego and body. We tend to believe that our soul is much, much more than a culmination of transient experiences that take place in the blink of an eye to the greater universe. I think your article was well thought-out and I thank you for both your comment on my article and for sharing your opinion.

  4. Thank you, and your welcome! So if it isn’t your ego or your body, I guess you suppose a soul is more like what many ‘resurrection believers’ consider a ‘spirit’ -is what continues on? It will occupy a different body, each time, and develop a new ego (soul/personality)…Do you believe that there is any time or place when that a reincarnated soul or spirit or essence can reference all its past experiences? Are they forgotten with each reincarnation?

  5. Hi Kevin. Thanks for your comment on my post! I enjoyed your article here and think you established some good logical arguments, and I’m not sure how useful my response will be, but it is the best I can give at present.

    Let me first say that what I’m about to say may indeed ruffle some folks’ feathers, and that is not my intention, yet I know that is a possibility. I will try to moderate my response where possible to be most agreeable to everyone. I intend no one, no harm and I apologize in advance for any offense perceived by anyone as it was surely not intentional. Having said that, I confess that I am not able tell a falsehood about what I know to be true and so I will only speak plainly.


    I am called the “Raw Life Wizard” becuase I gave myself that name about 3 years ago (in 2010) when I discovered raw juicing. I had been a subscriber to “The Secret” and “Law Of Attraction” since 2007 and had seen miracles manifest in my life, simply by wishing for them. Yet I was an atheist (agnostic, actually but that’s a technicality) who believed there might be a God, but the Bible was fallibile and all RELIGION was corrupt (for the proof that I had seen with my own 2 eyes). The only purpose for life was to survive and replicate (have sex and make babies), as per “The Selfish Gene” (Richard Dawkins).

    About 3 months ago I had an experience where I knew God touched me. How do you know a true prophecy (as opposed to a false one)? When that which you have been told will happen – does. God spoke to me. I know like I know like I know that when I cried out to “The Universe”, GOD replied back, not with a voice, but with a feeling. He literally touched my heart and my life has never been the same. Self-sacrifice was part of the key towards following God’s will, but again, that is a different story.

    When I was touched by GOD, I realized that voices I had been hearing off and on for the past year (2012) were all manifestations of his will for my life. I was trying to do it my way, with SCIENCE and LOGICAL REASONING and for 13 years it really did nothing but made me seem like a conceited jerk. Finally, when I gave my life up to GOD and just recognized who it was that had been guiding me to the SECRET and my path of spirituality and natural healing, I burst out in tears several times.

    Shortly thereafter, because my mind was open to GOD, I began listening to the strange and dangerous things he was telling me to do to condition me to trust him and therefore also to develop self trust, that whatever GOD asks of me, it will be done with little fear from me because his angels are my protection. GOD does not give us seemingly impossible tasks to accomplish and then NOT provide a supernatural means of accomplishing it. If you have an annointing then you can accomplish anything. (Sorry, too tired to lookup verses to quote, but this would be a perfect spot).

    I tell you this to give you some background on me, that way you can know that I’m not just some nut. God had really been trying to speak to me and help me all along, but the moment I hit my bottom and ASKED FOR HELP, though I didn’t consciously ask GOD, he responded. God knows the plans he has for us and he has a plan of prosperity for everyone. However, long ago, a fear based in carnality came to dominate the overal psyche of humanity. People began to lose touch with God and turned to their toys (material things) for pleasure. This included food, sex, etc. But because they were separated from God they were UNABLE to satisfy their desires. They decided maybe more would do it, thats when greed entered the picture. Greed only comes as a result of feeling there is not enough to go around and that others just want to take your stuff. The key is to eliminate the fear of losing your stuff (including your loved ones) — that is the only way to true happiness. You must let go of the idea that things will be with you forevever. But that’s another story.

    ** MY ANSWER **

    Now then, to try and answer your question you posed to me on my RAW LIFE WIZARD(TM) blog []:

    “I think that even if they thought he might be a resurrected, or reincarnated prophet, they were making an error. Jesus came to exemplify the resurrection. There is a logical problem with reincarnation. I explain it on a post I just published today. Would you like to come by my site and offer comments?”

    Here I will attempt to make some helpful comments then, though I do not claim to have all the answers. Again, no offense is intended, but to be clear I cannot deny the truth that I know. The best format for this may be a bulleted list:

    — WHAT I KNOW —

    * GOD is LOVE — Sounds like a hippie cliche and it is, but it is also the truth. What we feel as love is a vibrational energy of the natural resonating frequency of GOD. When you love another unconditionally (especially those you don’t even know personally), you are really sharing GOD. When one person causes another to smile and they are both happy, the sharer does not then have a deficit of LOVE. Rather, the LOVE and HAPPINESS between both parties are amplified/increased/multiplied both individually and jointly. This is one key to why “Do Unto Others” AKA “The Golden Rule” is so key to YOUR happiness, for in helping your brothers and sisters and animals, crystals, plant life, elementals, etc. you help yourself immensely. GOD wants us all to help each other and have faith in HIS guidance.

    * That which you call the “One-True-God” is un-namable and not fully comprehensible to human minds in this 3rd dimensional vibrational existence. But for facility let’s just call the entity “GOD”. God is the source, that from which all things spring. Angels are a step down from GOD, then there is another level down which is called “Ascended Masters”. These are the incarnations of teachers that were sent to EARTH to spread GOD’s message of LOVE in various eras and epochs (e.g.: Buddha, Mithra, Hercules, Zoroaster, Jesus, Muhammad, Amaterasu, Anubis, Apollo, Elijah, Enoch, Ganesh, etc.) The message frequently gets corrupted by human greed and selfishness so HE, keeps sending messengers to spread his message of LOVE.

    * ABOVE ALL ELSE, LOVE EACH OTHER! GOD does not hate anyone. GOD is disappointed when we use his name to cause EVIL to others. What is evil? Well, in its truest sense, EVIL is pure selfishness. Therefore LOVE is pure generosity. GOD is extremely disappointed when his name and his word and the words of his prophets and saints are used to justify ABUSE to another. Specifically, a contemporary issue of ours today is the perception that GOD abhorrs homosexuality. I tell you truly — GOD LOVES HOMOSEXUALS as he loves everyone else. AND NOT in the sense that “He loves the gays, he just doesn’t condone their behavior” … NOPE — NOT IT.

    GOD loves all of us, who are all souls trapped for a time in human animals, unable to remember the beings-of-light we once were. It is REGRET, RESENTMENT, ANGER, GUILT — a plethora of negative emotions that cause us to be blind to the truth of HIS LOVE. YOU MUST FORGIVE THOSE WHO HAVE HURT, OFFENDED, OR VIOLATED YOU so that you can move on. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DO FOR YOURSELF, and it is A GOOD SELFISH THING TO FORGIVE OTHERS.

    But, only when you forgive yourself for being imperfect and begin to LOVE yourself are you truly able to give the MOST LOVE TO OTHERS. But be warned: I admonish you against focusing only on yourselves dear ones — help others more than you help yourself and GOD will see to it that all your needs are met. If your needs are GODLY, meaning THEY HELP OTHERS MORE THAN THEY HELP YOU, and you do this with a LOVING HEART, then you will be blessed and prosper and GOD will work miracles in your life too numerous to count!

    * Quantum physicists/mechanics have just (within the last 12 months) located the Higgs-Boson (God particle), perhaps wrongly named but on the right track. My point here is that what we call science is really the best metrics we have for trying to figure out how our WORLD/UNIVERSE/EXISTENCE was architected. GOD is in the details.

    Resurrection and Reincarnation are two different but related concepts. Reincarnation is when one’s soul (including personality, mind, etc.) gets sent back to EARTH to be reborn as another entity. Since there are forms of consciousness we have yet to discover (most people don’t know that crystals and minerals are concious life-forms), there are literally billions of incarnations that a person could experience, spanning the dawn of our universe.

    The purpose of reincarnation is to sculpt the soul with experience. It’s like a spiritual scavenger hunt, but instead of gathering trinkets, one must gather experiences. In that sense I guess it’s more like scouting badges — each time you prove that you’ve learned a particular life lesson, you can move to the next level, and win the next “badge”, so to speak. Some people born into EARTH today are not even from this planet/universe/dimension, but rather have volunteered because too many people are caught on the wheel of karma. This happens mostly due to addictions — repetitive behaviour and desires that are unneccessary for us at that particular stage. For instance, we all are born selfish as a survival mechanism, but one of the most important lessons one can learn is to be other-centered, for as Jeshua Ben-Hur said when he was incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth “That which you do to the least of me, you do to me also” — Matthew 25:40. Therefore, to be kind and show LOVE to others is THE SAME AS SHOWING LOVE TO GOD.

    The ultimate goal of reincarnation is to escape the wheel of Karma (i.e.: to stop being reincarnated), and become one with GOD. You will find that across the globe, through various times the concept of “oneness” with GOD is universal. How can that be? Because GOD wants to help and he every so often sends us messengers to clarify his word. Sometimes he sends many messengers incarnate as humans, other times he sends only a few. However, rest assured that if you are following GOD’s will for your life, he sends his ANGELS to protect you in your mission.

    The biggest obstacle to people believing en masse in reincarnation is that are memories of previous lives are locked away in our mind-part of our soul. Thus while not being removed from us, they are hidden. Many children under the age of 5 years have memory leaks where memories of past lives escape the box, so to speak, and “leak” into their concious waking lives. Many adults can access these memories through processes like past-life regression and hypnosis.

    Resurrection is the process whereby one is raised from the dead. In trying to narrow down this concept, there is a lot of conflicting information. For instance, upon a thorough Google search, one will find many articles relating to “Was Lazarus Resurrected?”. There are arguments that Christian publishers will put up to say “Oh no … the resurrection was something special, and different from what happened to Lazarus”, BUT something about that to me doesn’t seem right. I will confess now however, that I don’t at present have the knowledge to sufficiently discuss this point.

    What I can say though is that though the word “ressurrection” may mean the same as “resussitation” or “revival” in it’s usual context, “THE RESURRECTION” is a term Christians use to refer to to the event of Jesus Christ rising, in his complete body (though not fully formed) with all his skin on his bones, and no decomposition whatsoever, 3 days after being crucified by the Romans. I would refer you to the readings of Edgar Cayce and the archives of the A.R.E. for further information on the purpose of THE RESURRECTION. In a nutshell, Jesus went to the same mysteries schools in Egypt that Pythagoras and Moses were initiates in. In the great Pyramid these initiates were taught the secrets of eternal life.

    Therefore, the great purpose of Jesus the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, Jeshua Ben-Hur was to show all mankind that this resurrection (coming back to life after death) was indeed possible. GOD wanted mankind to realize this because the great EMPIRES like ROME were spreading and corrupting every culture they assimilated. By “corrupted” I mean “brought further away from GOD”, but cultivating fear and negative emotions, humanity as a whole was losing hope. JESUS (who is NOT his “only beggotten son”) volunteered to incarnate on EARTH to be THE ROLE MODEL FOR HUMANITY. What he was trying to show people was only two things: 1) LOVE EACH OTHER. 2) DON’T FEAR DEATH, BECAUSE WITH PROPER TRAINING ALL CAN SURVIVE DEATH AND BE RESURRECTED WHOLE, NOW — not at some great “JUDGING” time in the future. That’s it. Humans being creative by natured have ended up creating much more out of CHRIST’S LIFE as an example for moral dogma, rather than an example that YOU TOO HAVE THE SAME POWER HE DID. For when you accept Jesus Christ as your LORD and personal SAVIOR, he sends the HOLY SPIRIT to dwell within you.

    In resurrection, your memories are intact as is the rest of your soul and you only leave/transcend this life when you choose to, and much as THOTH the High Priest-King of ATLANTIS for he was “… an immortal, that is, he had conquered death, passing only when he willed and even then not through death.” []

    So, I know that this has been somewhat long of an explanation, but because I don’t know what you know, and I must consider other readers as well and their level of knowledge/understanding of these things, I felt it necessary to not truncate my response too much. Therefore it is necessarily long. I hope it proves of some use and value to you. If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to let me know and I will do my best to provide an understandable clarification. I don’t mean to criticize anyone else’s works, but I have been called by GOD to bring his truth back to the people, AND I can only speak what GOD tells me and I know to be true. In this day, fortunately that doesn’t mean travelling all over. The greatest outlet for information today is the INTERNET and GOD approves of its USE.

    Blessings and Prosperity,

  6. Thanks! I got this lengthy comment, and I plan to really dig into it before answering. Yes! I’ll also stop by your blog and respond there. I agree, God approves of the Interweb and everything else in existence when it is used to the right and just ends God requires.

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