Bangari Bucks: Understand?

I wrote up this plan, that I never got to make into any form of formal TOS. It’s hard to get, and I’m trying to work on better ways to explain it. If the site started to generate more money, then the actual payouts would exemplify the system…We are getting there! It’s a lot of work for a one man team though. Anybody wanna join the team? I’m just starting to really get it together. I want this to be a multi-owned, multi-authored site. Some other writers contributed in the beginning, but some (including me) have fallen away, or have been dormant. I’m getting it going again. Let’s roll!

Anyway here is my explanation of Bangari Bucks, the algorithm that will control the mutual payout system.

Obviously, none of us can buy bananas with “Bangari Bucks.” So, we can trade those for real dollars as the content we collaboratively produce and post sells and collects passive revenue as it’s waiting to sell. You can even use our content to post on your own  sites and collect affiliate revenue, additional AdSense revenue, and get yourself traffic and clients. You can even post it at the content farms to get whatever chicken scratch they’re offering. At least they are still a good store house of finely indexed content. The search robots will have all sorts of use for that as their artificial intelligence advances, even as the humans leave it behind as they lead the way to better, more interactive multimedia content, based on this mostly text content we created for the content farms…Read more


3 responses to “Bangari Bucks: Understand?

  1. Sounds great Kevin. I hope you can get a team together. I wish I could split me in two so I could devote time. I want to eventually get where I can devote 1 day a week to writing more medical type articles. When I get the verdict on my own speech and cognitive problems, I may write about it.

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  3. Me too! I’m going to keep my eye on cloning technology…I could use a team of Charlenes!! You were instrumental in helping get that first, big $5,000 job done and getting Bangari together. Too bad in the freelance business, it’s always such a battle to get paid what you’re worth and what you’ve earned. It makes something already difficult, very stressful. Get well soon!

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