I’m Not a Professional Gynecologist, it’s Just a Hobby

Hmmm. Wonder what the search engines will think of that title? Searchbots have never been renowned for their sense of humor. This article is in the categories of woman’s health and supplements, particularly: zinc, calcium, and magnesium. I’m trying to show some range as a content producer who is a man. This article is going to cover ground not usually tread upon by males that are not gynecologists.

How these three supplements make mother nature’s monthly visit less grueling?

I’m into health, diet, longevity, and physical fitness. I also ghostwrite a lot of content on this subject whether it’s regarding females or males. I often make really good discoveries. Many times I am at one of the first to spread the news about the inventions and ingenuity of others in this area…Like the real doctors of medicine. I like the roll, even if it is just in a hobby capacity, or as someone who gets paid a little money to write, of health advisor. I like to give life hacking tips, especially regarding health and wellness, to my woman and man friends. This tip is for women. It is good advice for men who live with women as well. As we learn from Aeosop’s Fables: Misery loves company.

A woman’s period can be miserable. This Calcium, magnesium and zinc supplement idea originated from her Board Certified Doctor, who specializes in woman’s health, practicing gynecology –as a profession. The thing is: It works! If you (or your significant other) is starting to have a real tough time with feeling lethargic, crampy and uncomfortable about a week before your period, maybe including; aching, feverish flu-like symptoms. Doctors recommend magnesium for the cramping. They also recommend purchasing the combination: calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Calcium is great for bones and teeth, most people know, and it also helps prevent the onset of osteoporosis. Magnesium is necessary for nerve impulses to be able to transmit signals to the brain, it helps the body maintain temperature and it helps rid the body of toxins. It also plays a role in energy production and, with calcium, it helps form healthy bones and teeth. Zinc is depended upon by over three hundred enzymes in order to function. This element is found in the liver, and other important organs, as well as muscle. Zinc has been found to be very important for proper functioning of the immune system.

Calcium Magnesium Zinc 2013-08-06_1558This three way supplement should be taken with food. Spring Valley makes one with 100% of the daily value in three tabs. You should take one tab with each meal. Give this supplement a try, and see if you have an easier time with the time just before that time of the month! Let us know in the comments if it helped.

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One response to “I’m Not a Professional Gynecologist, it’s Just a Hobby

  1. I wish I had known about this back when I had my periods. I suffered a lot.

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