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By Kevin Leland

Below is a copy of an email I’m sending out to just about everyone in my email address book. I’m not sending this out ‘bulk style’ in a spammy sorta-way. I plan to organize my email, and even include a personal note in each email as I send them out one at a time. Here is the bulk of it:

I’ve been working hard at trying to make a comeback since the 2007 Housing Market Crash in Rhode Island destroyed my contracting career. Here is an article I wrote in 2008 about that experience, that I know, caused many others to suffer:

Rhode Island Housing Market Crash of 2007: I’ll Take the Blame

That was one of my debut articles, as a content producer and Blogger. A large part of my comeback attempt, has been made online. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I’ve been into computers since I wrote my first program, in Basic, on a Radio Shack TRS-80, back in 1982. I probably should have made computers my career instead of construction, but I’ve always liked outdoor physical labor, and making things that can be touched, climbed on or lived in. Wrong choice for the right reasons? The story of my life! Now it seems like a great option again, because it requires absolutely no capital.

The learning curve has been intense. Unlike the building trades, the computer industry advances so quickly, by the time you learn and begin to master one aspect, it changes, becomes obsolete, and then you need to learn it all over again. The course has been complete self study. The computer industry is great for that approach, so money I don’t have, doesn’t need to be put into tuition. Although, it has been a major investment of time. Now, I think I’ve learned enough to be dangerous…or at least effective -I was probably already dangerous before I embarked on this new career. 🙂

So here it is: I’ve created a Website, have gotten it to rank really well by Alexa, and it’s getting better everyday. I’ve learned what it takes to do the same for Web properties belonging to other people. A Website, or some form of online presence is a very important part of any business, big or small. The three aspects of a Website that work together to make your online presence a strong and dominant one are: content, ranking and design. Like contracting to build a house, building a Web presence is a team effort. I’ve made some good contacts while coming up through the ranks in this industry…while weeding out the bad ones. So, what I don’t do myself, I can sub out to very competent talent. Although, I take responsibility for the whole project, like I did as a general contractor for all those years.

Finally, if you are not in the market for a Website or content to fill it with in order to get it ranking, and would still like to support me, just because you know me, and doggone it, maybe you even like me, then all you need to do is this:

  1. Click and drag the ‘Amazon Associate’ link, banner, flag, whatever you wanna call it, (it’s under my sig, at the bottom of this email) and drop it on your browser’s tool bar. Now, just click on it when you want to shop at, which I highly recommend you do, not just because Walmart sucks, but because you can get stuff at even lower prices, delivered right to your door, by someone who makes a living wage. The site knows I sent you, and I’ll get a little commish on what you buy there.

  2. Click, drag and drop the Bangari banner, or click it, and bookmark the site, and come visit once in awhile, and see what stuff we are working on. It’s not ‘all business’ there. We blog about news, books, and human interest stuff. You are cordially invited to join our team, and try your hand at blogging and Internet content production. We’ll help you get started, and maybe even throw you some (low) paying gigs -so you can earn while you learn. We have paid $20 for 500 word articles on some projects. And, we’ll set you up as an Amazon associate too.

  3. Fill out the form below. This basically gives Bangari permission to send you one email per week…no more! It will contain an interesting post, or a cool product to buy at Your info will not be sold or given away to anyone else. I promise! Just put ‘Take me off your email list’ in the comments if you don’t want a weekly email.


Kevin Leland


Left-lick, hold and drag each banner to the top of your browser. It will make a little plus sign. Let go and it will drop on there. You will see a little ‘a’ in a circle for amazon, and a ‘W’ for Bangari’s wordpress site remaining there if you did it right.


11 responses to “Support Bangari Content Gallery and Amazon Associates

  1. Okay Kevin… I put it in my browser. 🙂

  2. Thanks Sally! So how do you like using Amazon? I’ve ordered a few things, and thought it went really well. I’ve never had a problem.

  3. I’ve been a little busy with trying to keep things in order. Just got back from a two hour one wat trip to make sure my wife and daughter would still be covered as teh Universal Health Care Program starts kicking in. The letter I received sounded as if I was going to have to pay out my butt each time they see a doctor. I guess if you don’t squeak loud enough you will end up paying more than you expected. Notice they recently raised teh limits to $94,000 instead of the origninal $36,000 and year.

  4. They are going to get that going full bore in Vermont this October. You don’t sound like a fan…I am though. I have high hopes that it is going to work. We’ll see soon enough! I’m going to check out that piece you want me to review…I’ll give you my feedback soon!

    • I’m not too much of a fan of socialized health care the way it is being presented. Every country that has the program is over run with corruption and the system does not work the way the propents of the plan her in America say it works. I personnaly know a lot of people from Canada and England who have some pretty good horror stories about socialized health care. The bigest thing is when people become elderly they cut back on providing health care beccause it is cost effective to let the person suffer and die rather than do something to prolong their life and make them comfortable. Other stories revolve areund the fact not all the required surguies are covered equally across the board. A structure of social equity is built into the systes to provide more for politicians and government employees. Higher earning corporate executives receive better care than lower paid admisitrative workers and so forth. Several people enter America to receive the medical treatment they can not receive in their own country. One Canadian student in college was real happy America was going to a Universal Health Care Program similar to Canda until she went home and spoke with her parents about how the program worked and found out her grandmother died because she couldn’t get an operation to remove a cancer from her breast because of her age.
      For you sake I hope things work out better in your state than they do in California. Recently I had to drive over two hours to make sure my wife and daughter would be covered under teh new program because I was ouside a certain geographical area of PSA (Physician Service Area) approved by the insurance provider (TriWest). You had better do some research on what sort of medical coverage you will have before it is too late. And if have to contact your senator and representative to get them to explain how the program is going to work. I found out no one understands the program and they are just taking stabs in the dark trying to make it work. If you don’t ask specific questions before the deadline you are going to be stuck with a health care program that doesn’t do anything for you while you pay for the service.

  5. That’s true. I will definitely educate myself. I’ll probably be passing on what I find out here on my Blog. It will be hot content in the Vermont area in a few more weeks…Stay tuned! Did you post your pet chicken article? That was cute! Did you get my edits? I want to show you something else that is really cool, and allows you to get a lot more buck for your bang with a story like that…

    • I just read in the news that UPS is opting out of the Universal Healt Care Program and the employees will no longer have medical insurance due to the cost of maintaining the mandated programs. I have a feeling the more companies who drop out of the program the highr the cost for coverage is going to go. This is also why the program was delayed this year, too many waivers were given to large donors to the 2012 Obama campaign which caused the cost to rise above the GSA estimates. Things are not looking good on the home front.

      • That’s just Big Business bitching about nothing. Insurance administrators are going to have to join the ‘find another job’ club. Tough shit! I’ve been in this club for four years now. At least I’ll have health insurance now.

        • As harmless as it may sound on the surface at a glance it does make sense since the new cost estimates rose over six percent of the original estimates. I would encourage you to watch the estimated average cost rise as more and more corporations op out of the Universal Health Care Program. The more we learn about it the less fair and afforadable it looks. Why is Congress not using the same program they insist the voters use? There are a lot of problems with the Universal Health Care Program, too many for a program that was suppose to be thought through befoire it became a law.
          If Certain members of society were teh matter of concern for the wealthy members of Congress and the President then why didn’t they start a charity service to provide for those individuals/ It would have been quicker and no one would complain about them giving up part of their pay check to support medical coverage for under privilage people as they calim they intended to help. The cost of runnnig a 503C Mediacl charity for people who can’t afford medical insurance would be a lot lower. The other advantage is the government and IRS would have access to the financial records and have laws on the book to procecute any misuse of the funds.

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