Carmelo Flores Laura: World’s Oldest Person

By Kevin Leland

For: Health and Longevity

Bolivia mountains 2013-08-16_1017

Photo Credit: AP Photographer, Juan Karita

It isn’t completely confirmed just yet. The story came out of Bolivia,  just yesterday, August 15th, 2013, and was reported on from the AP Source; journalists who spoke with Mr. Laura. I will be following it here on Bangari, because it fits nicely into a column of content about health and longevity, but also about temperance and the medicinal properties of banned, evil drugs, and illegal substances.

Carmelo Flores 2013-08-16_1016

AP Photo by Juan Karita

One of the things that this very old man, born July 16th, 1890, according to a Catholic Baptism Certificate, can attribute his long life and good health to is: Chewing the coca leaf. Coca is well known in the US, and around the world, because of it’s psychoactive alkaloid, cocaine. However, in it’s natural state, before chemical processing is used to corrupt this healthy substance into a dangerous and illegal drug, this cocaine alkaloid is found in the leaves at a very low concentration of  between 0.25% and 0.77%

Chewing the leaves of the coca tree, as 123 year old peasant Aymara, Carmelo Flores Laura, has been doing daily for over a century, does not get him ‘high’ as it does to our American crack-heads with potentially, considerably shorter life spans.

However, chewing these leaves, as the world’s oldest man was doing during his interview with reporter Carlos Valdez, and Photographer Juan Karita does have some physiological effects that likely contribute to his incredibly long life-span.

coca 1 2013-08-16_1026

Firstly, the trace amounts of the alkaloid, delivered in a slow, steady dose, have an energizing effect. Carmelo can get around without a cane, and spends much of his day, out and about, among his sheep and cattle. He says “I walk a lot, that’s all. I go out with the animals.” Muscles regenerate, if they are used, no matter how old a person is. If they go unused, they atrophy, no matter how young a person is. If coca leaves are the catalyst of motivation to exercise, then in this natural form, in these small and harmless amounts, it seems to me -really good medicine. Coca-Cola, does use an alkaloid-free extract of this leaf in their world famous carbonated beverage.

coca 2Secondly, the coca leaves steeped in tea, or ‘dipped’ -just a pinch between the cheek and gum, will curb appetite. As we well know, taking in an excess of calories without burning them off with a good amount of physical activity, is the leading cause of reduced lifespan in overweight and lethargic people. As the scientists developing Resveratrol have all but proven, a low calorie diet coupled to high levels of activity does more than we can imagine to prolong life and physical fitness.

This type of lifestyle, also contributes to very good health. Carmelo Flores Laura has never been seriously ill, in the nearly 1.25 Centuries he has been alive. He eats barely, and occasionally mutton, but stays away from rice and noodles. He doesn’t consume alcohol, although he did enjoy it in moderation when he was a younger man. He drinks water that flows from the highest mountains in South America.

A Short Video of Carmelo Flores Laura:


3 responses to “Carmelo Flores Laura: World’s Oldest Person

  1. Wow! I have never seen anyone that old! I worked in a nursing home for many years as a nurse after I got tired of hospital work and I had a patient who was 103 and had no wrinkles at all and I had another lady who was 109 years old and she could walk around and talk and had good sense until she finally had a stroke and succumbed to it.

    I think all the processed foods we have now days are doing us in.

  2. Wow, those were some amazing stories of old age too, Charlene! The processing does us in, that’s for sure. God knew what he was doing when he created nutrition and medicine. We shouldn’t be messing around with it!

    The top ten (verified) oldest living people in the world…were all females, at ages of 115 to 122+ That makes Mr. Laura even more of an anomaly. Do you know the reason why men typically do not live as long as women?

    Because we don’t want to! 😉 Pardon my misogynistic joke….

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