Recipe: Prevent a Urinary Tract Infection with this Heath Drink

By Kevin Leland

For: UTI Prevention Health Drink

Cranberry juice is the solution!

Cranberry juice is scientifically proven to prevent urinary tract infections. It is the main ingredient of this drink. There is no need to include the other ingredients that are in this recipe, if all you want to do is prevent a UTI. You also need to realize that this home remedy will not cure a UTI if you already have one. Just like brushing your teeth will prevent a cavity, brushing a cavity that has already formed in a tooth will not make it go away.

It’s very important to get treated if you have a UTI. You need antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. You need to run the entire course of treatment. Not finishing a prescription of antibiotics can be very harmful. It can make the infection ‘immune’ to the antibiotics, and limit the options for a second attack on the UTI. Infections of any sort can be very dangerous if not treated.

If this is your first UTI, or if you tend to get them more often or even chronically, I’m sure you know they are not something that you just ‘suffer through’ until it’s better. Suffer you will! UTIs are known to even affect a person’s mental health. Experiencing this, I’m sure has brought you here to this content, to find away to never suffer a UTI again!

All the ingredients in this recipe are available for purchase at

We bring you this recipe free of charge. We hope you will buy the stuff you need to make it from the huge selection at, by clicking a link, or the pictures on this page. We get a little commission if you do, it costs you nothing extra. This is how we get paid to create, post and promote content here on Bangari. Helping or fellow man or woman enjoy better health is a reward in itself. So, if it works for you, give us some feedback in comments below!

This UTI prevention remedy is also an energy drink and detoxifier, that works so well, if you were someone who uses marijuana, even quite heavily, you would be able to pass a urine screening after just a day of use. To find out specifically how this drink works to that end click this link: Detox Remedy

We recommend this drink not only for maintaining a healthy urinary tract, but also for it’s diuretic properties coupled to good hydration. It’s also an excellent daily drink because of the vitamins, supplements and non-caffeine based energy it promotes.

The Main Ingredient:

24 oz. of Cranberry Juice  $8 – $60 (for a case of six -makes 12)

Cranberry juice 2013-08-01_0709

Click the link above to see a huge selection of cranberry juice and supplements on

Cranberry juice is the main ingredient of this home remedy. It is the ingredient that is scientifically proven to help prevent a UTI. Just make sure of one thing: Use 100% REAL juice, preferably unsweetened. It may be kind of expensive. But it’s worth it! You may find it to be very bitter, but don’t worry. The other ingredient in this recipe, Stevia, fixes that problem. There is also a concentrated, powder form of cranberry juice that is sold in pill or powder form. If you just hate the taste of cranberry juice, even after it’s sweetened, then substitute the juice protion of the drink with a different type of juice, but take the cranberry concentrate pill. This is a suitable and somewhat cheaper substitute for real cranberry juice, however, “cocktail” or “drink” is not. Check the label to be sure you are buying the real McCoy. You can order it by the case on

Does Cranberry Juice kill the bacteria that causes the UTI?

No. It is important to understand that cranberry juice does not kill the bacteria in the urinary tract. Another popular falicy about how this super-juice works to prevent UTIs is that it changes the Ph of urine making it too acidic for the bacteria to grow. This is not true. There may be an effect to Ph of the urine, but many foods and drinks have the ability to make the Ph in urine to go up or down.

What does the trick, is the proanthocyanidins that are found in cranberry juice. This chemical works to prevent the bacteria from sticking to the cells that make up the walls of the urinary tract. This way, the bacteria is flushed right out before it can hang around and do damage, causing pain and discomfort. The Stevia in this recipe is a diuretic. This will increase the number of ‘flushes.’

Massachusetts and Wisconsin are in stiff competition for being the largest cranberry producer. Along with Concord grapes and Blueberries, Cranberry crops are one of only a few native American crops. Native Americans utilized cranberries not only as a food source with healthy properties, but also for dye.  It is now a high value American cash crop, supporting many small family farms, and is estimated to be worth over 100 million dollars per year.

How much cranberry juice is enough?

Three 8 oz. glasses per day should do the trick. It’s recommended that you make this drink with 24 ounces of cranberry juice. For convenience  use a 32 oz. Gatorade or Powerade bottle. Make up the difference with water. Drink one bottle per day. No more, no less.

There are other benefits to cranberry juice. Like blueberries and acai berries, they are super stocked with antioxidants. Antioxidants are great for health and longevity. Cranberries are also a good source of vitamin E, as well as Vitamin K.

A bottle of this remedy will supply about 125% of a days requirement of vitamin C too. It is bitter tasting! We have established that fact…This next ingredient will fix that problem.

The Diuretic Ingredient. It sweetens too:

4 packets or 12 drops or 1/2 teaspoon of Stevia $7 – $15

stevia 2013-08-01_0806

This is an excellent, natural substitute for chemical artificial sweeteners

Stevia used to be shrouded in controversy. If you are a die-hard government conspiracy theorist, you are probably aware. If not, check this out: It seems that the FDA  was in cahoots with artificial sweetener lobbyists to give this naturally produced plant matter a bad reputation. It was practically put in the same category as marijuana. It used to be that it could only be labeled as a dietary supplement, and sold in health food stores. If it was labeled and sold as an artificial sweetener, it was actually subject to search and seizure.

Native to Paraguay, this herb is 150 to 400 times sweeter than sugar. In Japan, where it has been scientifically tested and found to be completely safe, it has been used for years, and it is suggested that it helps prevent diabetes.

Recently, you can find this low calorie natural sweetener in grocery stores. Most people who have tried it, like it better than artificial sweeteners. There is some research that suggests Stevia can actually decrease blood sugar. However, extensive research has proven that it definitely does not increase sugar levels in the blood. So Stevia makes a perfect replacement for sugar, much better than the artificial junk.

What is a diuretic? 

It is a substance that makes you pee. Stevia, like caffeine, is a diuretic. However, caffeine irritates the bladder, so stay away from it while being treated for a UTI. Holding your urine for too long can cause a UTI. So if you feel the urge, do your bladder and your urinary tract a favor and just go! Emptying your bladder regularly, ‘flushes’ the urinary tract, and especially after sexual intercourse, can help prevent these infections.

5 Grams of Creatine Monohydrate $8 to $16 (30+ doses)

Creatine 2013-08-01_0811

Choose from all sorts of Creatine at Click above. Use this poduct with caution.

Creatine is a great performance enhancer, as long as you don’t overdose on it. Use this supplement with caution. 5 grams is an all around, one-size-fits-all dose. It’s very inexpensive at about 45 cents per dose. Experiment with it because not everyone reacts the same to it. Some people have some trouble digesting it. If it upsets your stomach, try creatine citrate instead.

What is creatine and what does it do?

The creatine causes you to gain 10% in athletic performance –strength, but mainly endurance. This is scientifically proven. It’s not just some exaggerated physiological fact. You must be careful with creatine. If used improperly, it can have negative side effects. Your pancreas can be damaged, rupture and bleed… Internal bleeding can be fatal.

Don’t do bad math! Don’t calculate: One dose of creatine = 10% increase in athletic performance, therefore 10 doses = 100% increase…10x the dose of creatine can kill you!

If you use it correctly, at the right dose, it will increase the power in your muscle cells-substantially! It also helps your muscles recover after exercise. See if you notice the lactic acid ache dissipate more quickly.

Some creatine users prefer to “cycle” the use of this product. Because this supplement is a relatively new discovery, this might be a good idea. Taking it everyday for two months and then taking a month off can keep your metabolism from forgetting how to make this stuff naturally. It will cause your kidneys to work a little overtime, so if you suffer from any kidney or liver problems, maybe you should omit this ingredient. Be sure to tell your doctor about the creatine, and any other supplements that you take.

Some users also ‘ramp up’ when starting a creatine regimen. There is no harm in that, just taper down after no more than one week of your ramp-up dosing.

To learn more about the dangers and benefits of creatine supplement, check out the following sites: Creatine: Side Effects, What it Is, What it Does. Creatine: Is it worth the risk?

Thiamine $4 – $21 (liquid type shown) 

B1 2013-08-01_0817

This final ingredient is found in the B Complex vitamins. B Vitamins give you energy. B Vitamins are water soluble. This means you can’t overdose on them. I recommend taking a vitamin with all the “Bs” in it. Although, most health stores have it separate in liquid or pill form. You will notice it working, because this vitamin will turn your pee very yellow. If you are taking a daily dose of thiamin, and your pee is somewhat clear, that is a very good sign that you are well hydrated. Good hydration is good for your health all around, and very good for urinary tract health in particular.

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