Discussion Board: FOG for Bangari Content Gallery Co-op

I like the term “Field of Agreement.” It sounds so much less totalitarian than “Terms of Service.” For some other sites, the “terms of service” are a joke. They don’t describe how the site will serve you, but lay out their demands on how the users of the site will serve the owners of the site.

I spent most of my career as a building contractor. Contracting is contracting, whether it’s an agreement to build a house, or an agreement to ghost write a novel. An agreement is a contract.

Here is the official discussion board for working out changes and additions to the Bangari field of agreement. We will institute a very simple, democratic system for working it out. We operate as a true co-op/

Simply post your suggestion in comments. The other members of the co-op will comment, offer opinions and suggestions and we’ll all see where it goes from there. If it needs to come to a vote, then we vote.

New points of our field of agreement will be posted on the official document which is found here:

Bangari Content Gallery Co-op: Field of Agreement


3 responses to “Discussion Board: FOG for Bangari Content Gallery Co-op

  1. I’d like to open the first dialectic: Content Rating

    I the point of agreement, that all content should be rated at G, PG, or PG-13. I think everyone has a pretty good feel for those ratings, as they are usually applied to movies. I’m working on a ‘profanity switch.’ This will allow us to write “R” rated content. This will allow the visitor to view an ‘unedited’ copy of the content. However, I’m having trouble making it so that the robots won’t see duplicate content. I have to stop them from crawling the ‘R’ rated piece, and only enter the family friendly version of the content into their search engines. There are a few other bells and whistles that go with making this a reality. However, I wanted to put this out there to get a consensus, while I work out the technical problems.

  2. Who rates it? This is probably going to be over my head.

    • We just rate it like anyone would rate a movie. Just look up the standards. Google G, PG, PG-13, R…You don’t have to worry Sally, you always use your words like a lady! I’m the one who needs to mind my Ps and Qs (and Fs) lol

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