Reiki to Treat Drug Addiction

Reiki heals...

Reiki heals… (Photo credit: Rlei_ki)

By Martha Jette

The Japanese practice of Reiki can be used to treat addictions to tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

According to Francis Perry, a Reiki healer and employee at the Coventry Community Drug Team, a Drugscope Initiative in Australia funded by a grant from the Millennium Awards considered the use of Reiki to deal with substance abuse.

Perry noted: “Withdrawal from substance abuse is extremely stressful, both physically and emotionally. Symptoms include muscle pain, bone aches, headaches, vomiting, the shakes, diarrhea, cravings, sleep disorders, loss of appetite and extreme moodiness. Reiki is very helpful in relieving the physical symptoms and in calming the body and mind.”

However, he added that Reiki is not viewed as a “stand-alone therapy” and should be used in conjunction with such things as acupuncture and homeopathy.

“Like all clients, the person who has used/misused substances is special in that they are at the start of their own journey acknowledging their own vulnerability,” he noted. “They are also seeking to transform themselves by and through the symbolic action of healing and self-healing.”

Although some people are reluctant to try Reiki, he added that substance abusers often have “trust issues,” so it’s important to first build a relationship with them.

“Many of these clients experience peace in their lives for the first time. They may shake uncontrollably, for instance, as a result of these issues of trust. However, within a half an hour the calming effect of Reiki greatly reduces or eliminates their shakes. I recall one client shaking so badly that one could see the couch move. Once the shakes have stopped, they do not return during that treatment. I then continue to administer Reiki, focusing my consciousness on the client’s sense of calmness, peace and safety. Once the body feels safe and supported, it seems to release the sense of panic and trauma that accompanies withdrawal symptoms. At this point, I usually have a fairly willing client for future sessions.”

In general, he noted that due to the supportive nature of Reiki, clients begin to feel more “centered” and relaxed.

“Many clients claim that the first time they ever felt unconditionally loved was during a Reiki session. Several clients have cried during Reiki and this too, helped release built-up stress in the body and subconscious.”

Perry invites other Reiki practitioners to help develop a research tool to monitor the results he has achieved with substance abusers. To become involved, go to his web site: Reiki Healers and


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