What Celibacy Does NOT Mean

By Kevin Leland

For: Celibacy content

Pardon the misandry in this comment. It was actually written by a man, and was given for the definition of celibacy, on Wikianswers:

Celibacy is the renunciation of life. It means No Sex. Ever. Celibacy is a characteristic of Male-dominant religion, which invariably teaches that our mothers and sisters and daughters are lesser, earthy vessels and even tools of the Devil, designed to distract males from contemplation of their own celestial perfection and to entrap them in the cycles of reproduction that prevent the bloodless and unchanging Kingdom of God from happening on Earth.

Here at Bangari we are dominating the SERPs on questions like:

What does celibacy mean?

Is celibacy the same as abstinence?

How can I be intimate, yet still be celibate?

Is kissing okay if you are celibate?

And the ever popular…What can celibate, dating people ‘do?’ Note the quotes around “do!” We have yet to completely answer that question here, and it comes in even more graphic forms… An answer is on the way in the form of a baseball analogy that most people are familiar with. You know; first-, second-, third base?

However, this definition offered on Wikianswers, is exactly what celibacy is not! “The renunciation of life?” Really? Sounds like that opening statement came from a guy who lives only to get laid. Like, his entire body is just a life-support pack for his ding-dong. Actually, this comment is probably coming from a guy who lives to get laid, seldom does, and because he can’t perceive the fact that it is probably because he is a complete dork, who isn’t even looking for a soul mate. He turns and blames religion, man-made religion for his inability to even find a booty call.

Then, in the same sentence, he lets the ladies know that he is on their side, and all for their cause, and he is willing to bravely (but anonymously) turn on his own gender and be the champion of the historically downtrodden female half of our species: “Don’t worry girls, I got this!” he boasts, and adds “And I got some yummy Skittles for you too, just go ahead and reach deep into my front pocket and feel around for ‘em.”

“The bloodless Kingdom of God?” What was spilled out on Calvary to initiate that Kingdom on Earth? Give me a break Buddy, just because you state it eloquently, with good grammar (aside from the dangling participle) doesn’t mean it isn’t a stupid statement! Yes, there were many laws, rules and customs, from circumcision to animal sacrifice, written on scrolls by male religious leaders of a patriarchal society. However, the blood spilled on Calvary, by the Lamb of God, one sacrifice for all, forever, undid most of those laws and customs that paved the road to communion with God. For those who love God, and are not Christian, these customs and rules of behavior still enforce, and attest to the bond between God and His creation.

For Christians, Circumcision, as a sign of a covenant with God, was done away with. Many of the dietary customs that Jews and Muslims still practice were also done away with for Christians, considering many converts to Christianity were Pagans. Pagans have always loved to get laid. It is how they celebrate life. They practice this ‘high point’ of human existence and enjoyable expression of love, without restrictions, with foreskins attached, and enjoy a nice club sandwich with extra bacon when the ceremony is over. What’s the problem?

There is none –for Pagans. Here at Bangari Content Gallery, where we make ‘celibacy’ one of our project topics, trying to offer Internet users some good information on this very “long-tail” subject, we are not trying to throw a cold, wet blanket on anyone’s boinkin’ session. So maybe guys like Mr. Celibacy-is-the-renunciation-of-life shouldn’t get his panties in a bunch. If our content on this subject has converted one of his potential casual-sex partners to “our” side, tough shit, and –more Skittles for him.

He shouldn’t try to dig deep into the souls of people who are looking for answers to questions regarding management of their sexuality, and turn them into sex-objects, by trying to convince them, that if they are conservative or modest, and decide to preserve their sexuality and wait to express it only in a higher form of relationship, that is; marriage –then they are just caving into male domination, oppression and bloodless-God-sanctioned sexual repression.

I’m a man. I’m celibate. I have been for five years. I don’t think of women as baby-machines or tools of the devil. As a matter of fact, if I were to generalize, I believe, and think that the Bible illustrates, that women, as ‘earthly vessels’ are actually higher creations than their male counterparts. Politically, as a progressive, I hear a lot of talk about the dangers of sexism, that is in itself, very sexist. So, because it is easy to get trapped into this contradiction of terms, I’ll get off this subject.

I believe that people, both men and women, who see sexual intercourse as something so deeply personal, that it should only be shared between a married couple to strengthen their bond in this sacred relationship and bring new human beings into existence, by way of a loving family, are much less likely to see others as sex objects, or sperm-donors, or baby-machines. Celibacy is not a practice to steer men away from Jezebels and shiksas. It’s not a road to personal, celestial perfection. It’s taking a beautiful and very meaningful act of human expression and defining it in its highest terms, and preserving it for its proper purpose.

This is why when, unlike Islam and Judaism, Christianity left behind many customs like circumcision and dietary restrictions, they held onto this law, regarding sexual behavior:

“Refrain from illegal marriage”

There was a lot of debate among the early Christians, many of whom had converted (or evolved) from Judaism, as to whether or not converts from Paganism needed to convert to Judaism, and follow all the customs prescribed; from circumcision to dietary and sexual restrictions. It was finally settled, and this verse pretty much sums it up:

You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality. You will do well to avoid these things.


~Acts 15:29

Sexual immorality, fornication, adultery: Were all summed up by the term ‘illegal marriage’ as it is stated in some translations. There is much more on the topic in the New Testament. St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians gets into much more detail. The Corinthians were ‘horn-dogs’ as was typical for Pagans. They didn’t understand why they needed to follow the sexual restriction of preserving sex only for marriage, especially because as Pagan converts to Christianity, they were not asked to observe the other Jewish customs, like dietary restrictions. They reasoned “Our body isn’t in need of salvation. Our stomachs rot after our death, and so do our genitals. Who cares if they are corrupted by what we put in them, or what we put them in?!”

Obviously, I’m paraphrasing here. But if you read it for yourself, you’ll see I’m right on point. St. Paul’s answer was:

“We are members of the body of Christ. Would you join Christ to a prostitute?”

~Corinthians 6:15

St. Paul seldom minced words. Even secular thinkers believe that it is at best, pathetic, at worst, immoral to ‘join members of our body to a prostitute.’ I can’t understand why they often can’t see casual sex as a form of prostitution. Sex for money and sex for sex, either way, is still trading in sex. My next article will delve into answering another very popular question that brings many visitors to our pages: “What does the Bible say about celibacy?” I’ll cover 1st Corinthians in more detail, and take a cultural and historical angle on sex and celibacy.

If you have something to say about this topic, bring it on! You will even get paid to produce content on this topic. Click the image below to find out more:

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  3. Thanks Winnie! I’ll have more to say on this topic. We have some other writers, like Sally Collins, a nurse, who got us started with some good content on this topic.

  4. Shanaye Thompson

    I love your article. Very scriptural and as a young Christian it really encourages me. Keep doing the good work

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