Jonathan Leger: Know Your Customer

I hope this post finds you having an excellent day, full of opportunity and promise. It didn’t? Well, lets see if we can remedy that situation. Let’s brainstorm!

There is a famous rule one must learn to get a license to sell securities from FINRA. This rule also applies to sales in general. This rule is:

Know thy customer!

You have to know who they are individually. You need to also identify them in groups sorted by shared interests and aspirations. You need to know what demographics make up your customer base: single, married, straight, gay, old, young, male, female. Possibly, in your particular market, these basic demographics don’t even apply. But even so, you should know.

The last thing you want to do is spend time, money and effort advertising to someone who has no desire to purchase what you’re selling. It’s embarrassing too. If you hang a sanitary products dispenser in a mens restroom, you’re gonna look stupid to boot.

When we contemplate the best way to appeal to these customers of ours, that we know so well, keywords and Google ranking instantly come to mind.

So let’s dig into these two things that go hand in hand, with this boilerplate example:

Imagine that you are peddling your wares; “legal services” for example. Now ask yourself: What keywords do I want to rank for in Google, or bid for within their Adwords program?

Of course it would be wonderful, as well as nearly impossible, to rank at the top for “legal services.” It would also be unnecessary! Chances are, you are not a member of every bar association around the world. You are a lawyer who is offering services to the folks in your general geographical area. Therefore, even if you did rank number one for that search result,  99% of the people clicking on that search result would leave without finding what they were looking for.

Never mind just achieving that ranking –maintaining that status would require an astronomical investment of resources. Aside from typical search engine propaganda, it’s not always the “best” sites that rank first for highly competitive keywords. It’s the domain owners who put the most resources into their Search Engine Optimization efforts, to achieve and maintain that ranking.

Reality check: If you are thinking of bidding on “legal services” or “find a lawyer” in AdWords, you could be looking at upwards of forty dollars per click… Kah…CHING!!

If you followed through, you would be wasting these resources, because you are drawing people in that do not need your services. You pay dearly for the click that let’s that person, without any potential of converting into a customer, know that you can’t help them.

On the other hand, it would be very possible to rank well for “Legal Services in Providence, Rhode Island” and every person clicking that search result would at least be in a close enough radius to be able to use those professional services offered. This would take a lot less effort and resources as compared to the former example.

Make sense? It’s great to offer big things, but if you can’t deliver what you offer, then you are much better off pinpointing your customers.

Beyond “keywords” it is equally important to tailor the body of content that you are producing to your market.

You need to carefully think about who you’re writing for whenever you write an article and post it to a Web property. If it’s content that is created in order to sell to interested buyers here at Bangari, or for your own site, the copy containing those carefully chosen keywords need to be written in a way that appeals to your potential customers.

Using a tool like “Thrifty Content” (which was used to create this article from the original, written by Jonathan Leger) or a more advanced “The Best Spinner” application (only $7 for a one week trial) will help you create and distribute a large amount of original content for your article marketing efforts. However, if you don’t “know your customer” and do not target them specifically, you would be making the same mistake as trying to rank for high traffic keywords, while only being able to serve a small fraction of the market you are attracting. What good is a ton of traffic if barely any of it converts?

What is a “bounce rate?” This site metric tells you how many people are landing on your site, yet going away immediately without browsing around or interacting with your content. Almost every site has analytics available that will indicate this number as a percentage. If you see that this percentage of “bouncers” is very high, like greater than 70%, then you are attracting traffic that is not interested. They will not convert into sales, or even help the ranking of your site. If you are “buying” this traffic by purchasing keywords, and paying for content as well as producing it yourself, then it’s a big waste. You are better off with 100 pin-point targeted visitors who spend some time on your site and open a couple pages, than 10,000 bouncers.

To summarize:

1st –You need to know your customer and therefore know your “niche” within the bigger, more general market.

2nd –You need to target those customers by choosing proper keywords and producing lots of the right kind of content, that will appeal to this specific traffic.

3rd –Use the proper tools to produce this content efficiently, rendering it original and grammatically correct.

Click the banner below, or in the sidebar. Try the “Thrifty Content”  tool. It’s handy AND free. I use it alone, or along with “The Best Spinner.”  Leave a comment below if there is anything I can do to help you, or if you have any info that will help us! If and when you have the tools and know how, join our co-op here at Bangari, where you can “earn while you learn.”

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