Worst Accident Ever Recorded

Someone running a dash camera caught on video, this horrible accident  that sent this woman flipping through the air, head over foot, an incredible sixty-five feet in the air! At one point, because the video has been edited to include a slow-motion replay, the woman is so high in the air, she escapes the shot.

First Responders called to the scene had to use ropes tied to a gurney to retrieve the victim whom after being catapulted like a rag doll an amazing six stories in the air, she then plummeted 120 feet down into a ravine.

“I can’t believe she was still conscious!” Said Local EMT Arthur Rytis, one of the first to reach the woman, lying on her side, 250 feet from where her pulverized SUV rolled to a stop against the guardrail, with the wind completely knocked out of her. She was fully aware during her entire gravity defying flight.

woman accident 2013-12-21_2145

Woman thrown 65 feet in the air

Onlookers burst into a loud, joyful applause when the woman held two thumbs up high in the air as she was being loaded in the ambulance, and rushed to the local hospital. It has been reported that she is expected to fully recover from her injuries.

“It’s a miracle upon a miracle” Said Kevin Leland, the blogger who happened to have his camera rolling, getting some video for some content he was producing about Global Positioning Systems, to post on Bangari Content Gallery. “Not just that she lived, but that I was able to accidentally catch it all on video.” Mr. Leland believes he has a piece of “content gold” here. He fully expects it to go viral. He added:

“I have to say, the dismount was amazing, but I would have to knock off a half a point for the landing.”      

Read the follow up to this amazing story of survival! Angelique Fyre, the student that survived this amazing crash, gives us all the details:

Angelique Fyre: Abortion survivor, SUV crash survivor

Angelique Fyre: Survivor of worst car crash ever recorded.

Victim of Worst Crash Ever Recorded Speaks Out

Revere man survives crash after being throw 50 feet

Man survives crash after being thrown 50 feet

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3 responses to “Worst Accident Ever Recorded

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  2. Did something run in front of her car..? Look closely at frame 0:18 to 0:19 over and over again. The car to the right (her left) brakes, and allows us to see something or someone run to, or in front of her car just before the accident… Did she see something? Also, stop it at these frames, you will see that it is pixelated, but only in front of her car.

  3. Wow David! I wonder! She had been drinking that day, and had just underwent a very physically and psychologically traumatic procedure; a surgical abortion. I see what you mean about the pixelation. Spooky!! I’ll bet that was an EMP picked up on video of the demon that caused the crash. There were definitely Angels that guided her through the air, and landed her safely on the ground. She never should have lived through that!

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