James Fay walks away from amazing SUV crash

By Kevin Leland

A thirty-seven year old man from Revere, MA survived a roll over that threw him over an overpass fifty feet from his vehicle into soft snow less than a week before Christmas.

It’s being hailed as a Christmas Miracle.

Revere man survives crash after being throw 50 feet

Man survives crash after being throw 50 feet

According to local news outlet WCVB-TV, James Fay was driving home for lunch on Route 1 in Revere on Thursday, December 19th, 2013 when he crashed and rolled his SUV. Fay was apparently ejected through the SUV’s sunroof and thrown off the overpass.

State police told CBS Boston that the impact of the crash caused the driver to be tossed over the guardrail onto Route 60 below.

Fortunately, some powder from a recent snowfall cushioned Fay’s fall. However, he was still injured in the accident.

Fay reportedly broke some ribs, his hip and both wrists in the plunge. When police arrived on the scene, he was alert and mobile. He was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment.

“That’s definitely a miracle. You might even call it a Christmas miracle,” Fay’s friend, Will Teleau told WCVB.

According to WHDH-TV, the accident occurred after Fay lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the median.

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He may not have topped this woman for height and distance:

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Woman is air-born

I’m hoping to interview both of these lucky crash victims to get more details of what it was like to live through such harrowing experiences. I also want to find out if any form of “distracted driving” contributed to the loss of control of the vehicles.

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