Craig Johnson’s Stats for “Sea Stories”


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Craig Johnson is the first Author I recruited to post to a new category here at Bangari Content Gallery, called “Sea Stories.” This category is doing wonders for our co-authored site.

Notice the sudden difference between the dark-blue lines on the graph, and the light blue lines.

I want to explain why this is a good thing, on top of the hundreds of page views per week Craig Johnson’s stories are drawing to our co-authored, co-op site.

Page views are a wonderful thing. Traffic is essential to a successful Web property. But it’s not the only thing. The way that traffic behaves is tracked and evaluated. Yes, we want lots of traffic. We want our content to get lots of views. But we want some other things from those visitors. We want a big difference between the dark blue lines within the light blue lines.

Why? Because the dark blue lines represent the individual visitors. The light blue lines track the number of pages visited. When there is such a difference, it simply means that our visitors are sticking around to read more than one piece of content. This lowers our “bounce rate.”

bounce rate
1. The percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page
“a rising bounce rate is a sure sign that your homepage is boring or off-putting”


It also increases the amount of time a visitor spends on the site. Yes, this is also tracked. We want our visitors to hang around a while.
On top of producing concise, (about 1000 words) interesting, humorous content, there are three things we have accomplished to cause this new category to be so successful and helpful to Bangari Content Gallery:


  1. We are drawing the traffic by posting the links to the content on appropriate social media, like the Facebook pages assigned to the ships where the Authors of the stories were stationed.
  2. We are coming up with attention grabbing titles to the anecdotes, that don’t give the story away, but entice the visitor to find out more. Craig has an excellent way of tying his story’s beginning and end to these very perfect titles.
  3. As the Publisher, Kevin Leland is listing all the other stories on the page, sometimes with an excerpt, under each individual story, and on the Author’s Bio page.

The indexing will continue. This helps the site’s ranking with plenty of on-page contextual links. Now that we have just recruited our second, very talented “Sea Story” Author, Robert Craig III, USN Retired, Publisher, Kevin Leland needs to get  busy building an index that will list all the authors, with their anecdotes, compiled in this category.

As our new-found success continues, we have plans to expand to include other Authors from the Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, and even Commercial Fishing and the Merchant Marines. Then, we will expand to other categories, beginning with “War Stories.” The title of this category is self explanatory.

If you would like to contribute some anecdotes of your own, we would like to welcome you aboard. Click the “Join Our Co-op” tab at the top of the page.


One response to “Craig Johnson’s Stats for “Sea Stories”

  1. Kevin

    I was instructed to post these under site files so they do not get lost in other posts. I did this on everyone of my sites even if not having anything to do with site. Seems to be working.


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