WordPress User: Where is my Zemanta?

By Kevin Leland

Goodbye Zemanta 2014-01-22_1414I thought I did something to accidentally shut off my Zemanta. This is a blogging tool I used often to build my posts and include related articles from our own site, and the blogs of others. I found some instruction on how to activate it on “Personal Settings” on my dashboard, however, the instructions were old.

Then I found some WordPress users begging to have it back. So, I surmised that it must have been taken away. I was sad. I shed a tear. I loved my Zemanta.

Then, I found a comment that saved the day. It was in response to another whiner, who like me, dearly missed his beloved Zemanta.

zemanta dialog 2014-01-22_1405I echo the sentiments in the response to raincoaster’s restoration of our beloved blogging tool with no less than eight exclamation points !!!!!!!!

So if you want your Zemanta back, just download the browser version (for Chrome) here:

Zemanta 2014-01-22_1352


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