Sea Story: Defined

By Kevin Leland

As a writer, editor and publisher, I am a huge fan of dictionaries and thesauruses. My all time favorite dictionary, is a relatively new one. It’s an “open source” Internet publication, that never stops being updated. It’s called: The Urban Dictionary.

I highly recommend you sign up. They will send you a word of the day. The writing and vocabulary of all my Sea Story contributing shipmates will improve. This dictionary will give you definitions of words as well as phrases, in a straight-forward, this ain’t-no-sh*t format.

Take for example the definition of the term “Sea Story:”

sea story urban legend 2014-01-27_0122

If you would like to contribute some of your own tales of nautical adventures, click the image below, join our sea stories group, and we’ll guide you in the process of publishing them for posterity.

You’re a Sailor, not a writer?

That’s fine! Our professional editors will take your rough draft in any form and fix your spelling, grammar, and syntax mistakes. We’ll even embellish them a little bit more if we need to stretch the word count to 750. Don’t worry. Our polishing-up process does not include any unnecessary fact checking for historical accuracy. Anchors aweigh!

UPDATE: Here is an Urban Dictionary definition we got published recently that was inspired by Andre’ Moog: Seabag Pat-down

Sea bag pat down 2014-02-02_1552


The Infamous Seabag Pat-down for Contraband

By Andre Moog When I was stationed on the U.S.S. Belleau Wood LHA-3, I was a young 3rd Class Petty Officer. We were on our way to Hong Kong for liberty, when suddenly, in the middle of the night, our … Continue reading →

Join Sea Stories Group 2014-01-26_2047

Check out some Sea Stories our shipmates have written, and then contribute some of your own today!


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